With increasing numbers of people self-isolating due to the rapid spread of coronavirus, many are learning to adapt to a new way of life – one which comprises working from home and spending their nights streaming videos instead of going out to public places.

While this pattern continues, people will be looking for suggestions of what to watch on popular streaming services. Here are some of the best movies and docuseries to check out on Netflix right now:

Pandemic – A documentary which explores global outbreaks and questions whether the world can handle a new deadly virus.

Quarantine – A news reporter and cameraman follow two firefighters during their nightshift, but end up in quarantine with a terrifying killer.

How It Ends – A mysterious apocalypse sweeps the country, and a man travels thousands of miles west to find his pregnant fiancee.

Extinction – A man begins having dreams about an alien invasion, and it becomes reality when a mysterious force starts to take out the people of Earth.

Annihilation – When biologist Lena’s husband vanishes during a mysterious mission, she decides to journey into a region which the US government is keeping under wraps.

Here Alone – A woman who is alone during a zombie epidemic finds two other survivors, but struggles to trust them.

93 Days – Health workers are tasked with containing an outbreak of Ebola. Then a patient shows up in Lagos with symptoms.

Left Behind – Millions of people suddenly vanish from Earth, and a plane which is stuck in the air battles to ensure those on board survive.

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