While many of the couples in 90 Day Fiance manage to find love regardless of country borders, it’s safe to say that their family members are often not too happy about the partnership. In this example, the couple in the spotlight are Kalani and Asuelu.

The pair are currently continuing their story in the spin-off series 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After, and Asuelu is seen having it suggested by his sister Tammy that he should divorce Kalani. However, the latest development will not be a surprise for those who have been following the latest season.

Previous episodes showed Kalani and Asuelu travel to Washington in order to catch up with his family members – mother Lesina and sister Tammy. But it appears the pair wanted more than a family gathering, as they made it clear they were expecting some cold, hard cash.

Unfortunately, when they did not receive the $1000 they wanted, they turned nasty – even ignoring Asuelu telling them he cannot give up so much money if it means his two sons will be without their basic needs.

Shockingly, Lesina tried to justify their need for the money over her grandchildren, which led to Kalani trying to diffuse the bad feeling later on by going to meet with both family members on her own.

However, the situation did not improve when she took this measure, as the solution offered by Lesina and Tammy was that Kalani should divorce Asuelu instead. Not taking the feedback positively, Kelani decides to walk away – but the interaction reaches breaking point when Tammy tries to attack her brothers’ wife.

It becomes clear later in the series that the pair have not budged on their view that Asuelu should have given them money. In fact, Tammy says that ‘that’s the life in Samoa…Kalani has a Samoan dad, she should know that.’

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