There are few 90 Day Fiance fans who don’t know about Big Ed and his explosive time on 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days season 4. To be precise, he appeared on the season as his journey meeting Rosemarie Vega in the Philippines was tracked, and the pair had a dramatic relationship to say the least.

From Ed wanting Rose to take an STI test to avoiding the revelation that he didn’t want children, many fans felt that Ed wasn’t good for Rose and they were glad when she broke up with him, leaving him in a hotel as she took a flight back home.

Since then, both Ed and Rose have become hugely popular on social media, with Ed launching his own clothing collection and Rose getting started with a YouTube channel – where she refers to her fans as the Rosemarines.

These days, fans are wondering if Big Ed will be returning to the show after his stint on the spin-off which followed Before The 90 Days – B90 Strikes Back. Top figures from the show, such as David and Ed, gave their feedback on episodes which aired again.

On the Instagram account 90 Day Fiance News, an eagle eyed fan has spotted Ed out with a young lady while a cameraman films in the background. This has, of course, sparked speculation among fans that Big Ed has another season of 90 Day Fiance on the way.

Impressively, Big Ed has around half a million Instagram followers on his verified account. Indeed, he has posted about the event spotted by fans with a photo of the same location, where he was sat with four people at a table while a masked cameraman stood behind them.

The photo was only posted 15 hours ago, and Ed has limited the responses on the post due to receiving a mixed response from fans. However, it’s now safe to say that Ed is probably filming something new, and people have been quick to draw comparisons with Darcey and Colt – who both moved on with new relationships under the lens of the 90 Day Fiance camera.

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