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There are understandably concerns from a parental perspective whenever a new show comes out on a streaming service.

With this in mind, the upcoming season of Absentia may be a source of anxiety for those who want to ensure their kids aren’t exposed to high levels of violence, profanity and sexual content.

According to reviews online, previous episodes of Absentia are generally classed moderate, with some episodes seen as severe.

For example, there are numerous scenes where full breasts are exposed or women are partially clothed. There are also sex scenes with suggestive content – but nothing explicit.

As for violence, people have generally found it moderate, but there is not too much use of profanity. Some have described the drug use as moderate in this show.

With frightening or intense portions, there are video clips showing bondage and torture within a sexual context. Parents should be aware that younger viewers may find such scenes disturbing.

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