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Absentia’s third season premieres July 17th, and we’ve got everything you need to get caught up.

The Amazon Prime Video exclusive stars Stana Katic as FBI agent Emily Byrne. After vanishing on the hunt for a dangerous serial killer, Emily was declared dead in absentia. But six years later, Emily is found alive – with no memory of her time off the grid. The show follows her attempts to reclaim her life.

Season 2 saw Emily once again investigating a serial killer while trying to unravel the mystery of her six year disappearance. In a shock twist ending, Alice – Emily’s ex-husband Nick’s new wife – was revealed to have been involved in Emily’s disappearance. Alice was then killed by FBI head Julianne Gunnarson during a stand-off with Emily. We were left with Emily telling Nick and their son Flynn what happened, but what Emily actually said remains a mystery.

Season 3 again stars Katic as Emily – also returning are Patrick Heusinger as Nick, Natasha Little as Gunnarsen, Neil Jackson as Emily’s brother Jack Byrne, Paul Freeman as Emily’s adoptive father Warren Byrne, Patrick McAuley as Flynn and Matthew Le Nevez as Emily’s co-worker Cal Isaac. Newcomer Geoff Bell will play Colin Dawkins, a member of an international criminal organisation who will be a threat to Emily. Josette Simon will play Rowena Kincade, an M15 agent and past Quantico instructor who has a history with Emily.

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