Nollywood is the name given to Nigeria’s film industry, which comes a close second to India’s Bollywood. Entertainment brands are increasingly paying attention to Nigerian movies and TV series, with one of the latest being Amazon Prime Video.

Netflix has been involved since 2016, but it looks like there is a new competitor in their midst as Prime has begun quietly acquiring content for its own streaming platform. Some of the latest titles to join the platform include The Delivery Boy, which tells the tale of a teenage orphan boy with a bomb vest who encounters a young prostitute called Nkem while escaping a mob.

Another title Prime has shown interest in is 4th Republic, which chronicles the journey of Mabel King as she carries out the role of governor in Northern Nigeria. There’s also Three Thieves, a comedy set in Lagos which explores the story of three friends facing the complications of taking on a job which is high paying and seemed to have little risk.

You can also expect to see Light in the Dark, a drama which follows a young couple who are on the verge of breaking up after a gang attack. The husband has to make a heartbreaking choice – which of his family members gets raped, his wife or his daughter?

Amazon Prime Video is clearly stepping up its game after increased competition from other services. These not only include standalone streaming services such as Netflix and Disney Plus, but the concept of bundle services – where Apple TV+ is offering more than streaming, just like them.

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