Cardi B has taken to Twitter to air her disgust at the fate of Gabriel Fernandez after watching the documentary on Netflix.

The feature focuses on the abuse Gabriel endured from his mother Pearl Fernandez and stepfather Isuaro Aguirre.

The ordeal ultimately ended in Gabriel being beaten to death aged 8 in May 2013.

Cardi posted a series of tweets saying: ‘Motherf*****s on that Gabriel Fernandez Doc telling their lil stories and what they remember but NOBODY HELPED HIM! They failed him sooo bad !Poor baby !I wish I could hug him and spoil him with love.

‘The system failed that lil boy sooo bad .Im disgusted. Each and every1 of them …If I was his teacher I would had take him to the prison or home till they take him out that house. F**K RISKING MY JOB ! That boy will not go back home !’

‘The more I watch this doc the more and more I love Gabriel. He was just soooo cute and innocent. I really wish somebody would have save him. I hope God is letting him see how much we love and care for him. Sweet sweet angel.’

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