A new episode of The Boys hit Amazon Prime Video yesterday, and it might be the most explosive, chaotic instalment of the series so far – which is seriously saying something.

We saw plenty of drama with Starlight, Maeve, Homelander and Stormfront – and poor Becca was dragged even further into the mess too.

Check out our recap of ‘Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker’ to make sure you’re up to date in time for the season finale next week.

The Boys

Mother’s Milk and Mallory set off to get Jonah Volgebaum to testify against Vought – along with Lamplighter, who’s already agreed.

You’ll remember Volgebaum from season 1, when Homelander dropped in to say hello to his ‘father’, who actually created him in a lab.

Meanwhile, Butcher goes to visit his mom, which leaves Hughie alone with Lamplighter. After some awkward bonding, Hughie finds out Starlight has been trapped by Vought, so he and Lamplighter go to save her.

Starlight was grabbed by Black Noir while she met with her mother, who messed up by contacting Vought and asking permission to go on vacation. When Starlight comes to, she’s stuck in a room with low green lighting – meaning she can’t use her powers to free herself.

But Lamplighter is distraught to see his statue has been taken down, and he expresses how much he wanted to be a hero – then sets himself on fire. Hughie can only watch in horror…then realizes he still needs Lamplighter’s handprint. Cue a gruesome scene of Hughie sawing off Lamplighter’s hand with a broken bottle.

Lamplighter’s fiery death sets off an alarm system, which means Starlight is able to grab some power from the warning lights. She frees herself and meets up with Hughie.

Homelander and Stormfront

Stormfront’s hateful, dog-whistle rhetoric and memes are having an undeniably bad effect.

An ordinary man is shown going through the motions of his daily life, with Stormfront’s voice following him at every turn. He’s surrounded by her and Homelander’s words, and they clearly have an impact.

This culminates in the man shooting dead an innocent bodega worker, thinking that he’s a supe terrorist.

Stormfront condemns the attack at a rally, but quickly launches back into the same panicking language about the need for more supes, with Homelander at her side.

The two eventually go to meet Homelander’s son with Becca. Becca is of course not happy to see them, but ultimately Homelander ends up leaving with his son – to Becca’s distress.

A-Train and the Deep

Both these supes are still hoping to get back into the Seven, and are both still involved with the Church of the Collective. They watch the hearing on TV together.

Maeve and Elena

The footage Maeve secured from the Deep of the plane disaster has an unfortunate side-effect. Elena can’t stop thinking about what she saw, which has led her to wonder how many times something similar has happened.

Elena makes it clear she doesn’t blame Maeve, but she needs time – which causes Maeve to flip the table across the room in a moment of fury. Elena is visibly terrified.

Maeve manages to rescue Starlight from Black Noir at Vought, though, thanks to her knowledge that Black Noir is allergic to nuts. But Maeve turns down Starlight’s offer to go with her.

That mind-blowing ending

The hearing finally arrives…and this is where things get really messy.

Remember when Raynor’s head exploded earlier in the season? Well that happened again, but on a way bigger scale. Tons of people at the hearing get their heads blown up completely inexplicably, which causes a huge amount of panic.

The Boys, Homelander, Stormfront and Maeve look on in complete horror and confusion. Strangely, Neuman is spared – so it’s impossible to guess who could be behind the attack, since Neuman is such an influential anti-Vought voice.

We’re left with more questions than answers, and just one, agonizing week left to wait to find out what happens next.

Luckily, season 3 is already confirmed, so no matter what happens we know we’ll be getting more of The Boys again soon.

You can stream The Boys now with a 30 day free trial from Amazon Prime Video.

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