The Mandalorian is clearly the most popular show to stream on Disney+, and with it a new classic has emerged – baby Yoda memes.

When the young Yoda character first appeared in the series, viewers immediately fell in love, with Twitter users saying things like ‘I would lay down my life for baby Yoda’.

Now, the popular figure is being inserted into memes galore. The first one was baby Yoda sipping tea, with many saying it was the replacement for Kermit sipping the same beverage.

Now episode four of The Mandalorian has seen a new meme born, thanks to the bounty hunter taking the character into the cockpit of his ship.

Baby Yoda gets very excited and begins playing with various buttons, causing the ship to shudder until the Mandalorian removes him from the scene.

Due to the ‘dad vibes’ of the scene, there is now a meme of baby Yoda blaring music on the ship to irritate the Mandalorian.

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