Fans of Lizzie McGuire and Disney will be stoked to learn about the reboot of the classic sitcom which is coming to new streaming service Disney+. What’s more, filming has officially begun, and photos are being shared on various social media platforms.

Hilary Duff has revealed she is shooting some scenes in NYC, sharing a photo on Instagram of her first day back on set. She was pictured wearing a yellow coat and black boots, with her blonde hair down.

Disney+ also shared a photo, which revealed Hilary carrying a giant stuffed alpaca through Manhattan while bubbles floated around the scene. The star looked like she was on a mission – and in a rush – as she walked down the street.

It was recently announced that Jo, Sam and Matt McGuire would be on screen again as Lizzie’s parents and younger brother, as Jake Thomas, Hallie Todd and Robert Carradine are reprising their roles.

The on-screen family posed for a photo on Hilary Duff’s Instagram where the Lizzie McGuire actor announced the news, holding up a copy of the first script as they stood in front of what would soon become Lizzie’s living room.

Hilary isn’t the only cast member sharing photos of the iconic reboot, as creator Terri Minsky has shared Polaroids of the reunited cast enjoying dinner and a video of Hilary getting her makeup done.

Jake Thomas, who fans will know plays Lizzie’s younger brother Matt, has also shared updates to social media, such as an Instagram post of himself recreating the opening credits.

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