Disney Plus has been working on a whole host of original series, with one of the latest – Diary of a Future President – now receiving a release date. The show, which comes from I Can and I Will Productions and CBS Television Studios, will premiere on the service on January 17, 2020.

Diary of a Future President tells the story of a Cuban-American 12 year old girl called Elena as she navigates the typical turbulence associated with middle school life and works on her goal of becoming the future president of the United States.

The series stars Tess Romero as Elena – a highly observant pre-teen who has purpose, confidence and strong points of view. Charlie Bushnell plays her older brother Bobby, while Selenis Leyva will be their mother. Meanwhile, Michael Weaver plays a lawyer at Gabi’s firm called Sam who is beginning a relationship with her.

Gina Rodriguez and Emily Gipson are executive producers with Ilana Peña, who created the 10-episode series.

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