Disney+ has now launched in the US, Australia, New Zealand and Puerto Rico. The launches didn’t come without their technical problems, as the first one was subject to such high demand that prospective subscribers weren’t able to access the site within a few hours of the service going live.

Since then, people haven’t let up calling customer support, and there are still comments on social media about how certain elements don’t work.

One of the latest light-hearted complaints has come from a Reddit user, who posted a photo with the caption ‘Does anyone else play slots while browsing?’ The photo revealed that title icons repeated multiple times vertically down the screen.

Commenters were quick to reply, with one going ‘What would be the prize for 3 Avatars in a row?’ and another replying ‘Three more Avatar sequels’.

A Redditor who clearly remains sceptical of certain interface elements said: ‘Is recommended for you even recommended for you or is it just another trending tab lol.’

Let’s hope the site glitches are just growing pains for the brand new streaming service.

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