Samsung Next President David Eun has revealed his predictions for what lies ahead in the world of streaming.

Speaking at the Web Summit in Lisbon, Eun forecasted a higher quality experience for the standard viewer in their lounge.

Samsung Next asked viewers to imagine a time where their TV could become as important as the Star Trek holodeck.

The focus on experiences has come about due to recent survey results, which reveal information such as the fact that 48% of millennials say they attend live events just so they have something to share on social media.

What’s more, a survey from Cornell suggests that people gain more happiness from experiences than purchased items.

With the advancement of technology – such as the 5G rollout and the news that 2020 will bring with it 30 billion connected devices – the company has used all of these factors to create a new streaming experience for viewers.

Facebook has launched Portal for the same reason: enabling people to connect with their family and friends in the comfort of their own home despite being hundreds or thousands of miles apart.

Networks are also experimenting with the quality of broadcasts, especially in sport. For example, Sky CEO Jeremy Darroch explained that the recent Rugby World Cup was broadcast in 8K.

What’s more, Sky has given a commitment to continuing broadcasting sports in high quality as well as a dropping their prices; something that they hope will assist with customer retention.

With technology such as voice recognition rapidly advancing, Samsung Next also foresees a future where the norm will be to have devices equipped with such functionality.

Samsung Next closed by saying that experiences will shape the direction of new hardware and software – and with 5G and connected devices already blossoming, it’s not a future that is too far away.

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