Rick and Morty fans have been looking out for a sign that the remaining five episodes of season four will be out soon.

The season went on hiatus after putting out the first five episodes on a weekly basis back in September, but there has not been a release date announced for the new episodes.

Eagle-eyed fans have spotted what they believe to be a release date on the Instagram page for HBO Max after three images were posted to the account.

The images were posted rapid fire, creating a wide panel along the grid of their profile. The captions in combination read ‘Here for the wholesome grandfather-grandson dynamic. Here for the zany characters. Here for the multiverse.’

The third image stated ‘Rick and Morty. Stream on HBO Max in May.’ This has led fans to believe that this is when the remaining episodes of the season will be aired.

Some aired their annoyance that the show was so far away from airing still, while others said the text merely indicated when HBO Max was arriving.

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