Hulu has announced its second price increase for the year, and subscribers have taken to Twitter to air their frustrations.

On Friday (November 15, 2019) Hulu announced that its Hulu + Live TV package would be going up to $54.99, from its previous $44.99. The increase will come into effect on December 18.

The plan provides viewers with a choice of both live and on-demand TV, with over 60 live channels as well as a full catalog of Hulu content to watch outside of such a schedule.

Hulu justified the price increase by saying it ‘better reflected’ the viewing options which were included in the bundle.

They advised that Hulu subscribers could ‘switch back and forth’ between Hulu’s plans to access the TV which was most relevant for them throughout the year, depending on various seasonal or sporting events being aired.

One Hulu subscriber said on Twitter: ‘Are you kidding me Hulu?! I’ve used your services for less than a year and already had 2 price increases! Guess who’s cancelling your ass.’

Another said: Whoa how does Hulu justify going from $45/month to $55/month in one price hike? I didn’t cut the cord to get fleeced by Hulu. What are other people using? Bye Bye Hulu.’

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