There’s one thing people love as much as finding the best streaming services, and that’s taking advantage of a great deal. Disney+ have been offering a few deals to prospective customers ahead of its launch on November 12, and there’s one you can nab now for a limited time if you act quickly.

Chances are you’ll know about this deal already if you pay attention to your mail, but if you’re on vacation or haven’t gotten around to filtering through your letters yet, you’ll want to keep an eye out for this one. Disney Visa Card holders have been receiving promotional offers which allows them to gain a unique Disney+ subscription deal.

What’s On Disney Plus shared details of the deal, which comes in two formats. Customers can either purchase a 2 year subscription with $20 off for $119 plus taxes, or a 3 year subscription with $40 off for $169 plus taxes. This deal will entice users to sign up for the service before it’s even launched, giving Disney some guaranteed users for the next few years without them needing to worry about attracting subscribers from the day the platform is released.

This offer is available until September 30, and only those with a Disney Visa Card will be able to redeem the discount. Furthermore, those who purchase one of the offer options will also receive a Lady and the Tramp poster to celebrate the new live action series being launched.

A previous offer was available for D23 Expo attendees, and was subsequently extended so that anyone with a D23 membership could take advantage of it. This offer allowed users to purchase a three year subscription to Disney Plus with a 33% discount, which essentially means that subscribers would be saving $23 a year. Another way of seeing it is that an entire year of Disney Plus would be free with this offer. Unfortunately, this offer was only available from August 26th through September 2nd, but hopefully there will be other offers on the horizon if you didn’t catch this one and you don’t have a Disney Visa Card.

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