Vice Media is partnering with Hulu to create a new investigative series called Vice Investigates.

The streaming service has ordered 10 episodes of the new series, which has been described as ‘immersive narratives and fresh perspectives on the important – and sometimes controversial – issues defining today’s culture.’

There will be three episodes launching on November 1, then monthly premieres of subsequent programs from December onwards. Viewers can expect to see topics tackled including Russia’s crackdown on hip-hop artists, an examination of tensions escalating in the Middle East and a look at fires in the Amazon.

The episodes will feature interviews with people of note; for example, the Middle East instalment includes an interview between Shane Smith – co-founder of Vice – and Jared Kushner, son-in-law of and advisor to Donald Trump.

The deal won’t be fresh territory to Vice and Hulu, as the pair are already programming partners. In the past, they have created deals to stream several shows from the Viceland cable network on the streaming platform.

Vice is on an ongoing journey to find outlets for its programs since severing ties with HBO. In the past, this platform was home to a weekly investigative series and a news program which aired weekdays. Since then, the weekly series has relocated to Showtime.

In a press release, Hulu said: ‘Hulu has ordered a ten-episode season of VICE Investigates, which will stream exclusively on Hulu launching the first three episodes on Friday, November 1, 2019, followed by monthly, one episode per month, premieres beginning in December.

‘Each of the ten VICE Investigates episodes will provide audiences with an in-depth experience exploring timely topics and questions, such as the complex geopolitical divide between Iran and Saudi Arabia; a deep dive into the seldom seen human side of K-Pop rockstars; and a first-hand look at the experiences of intersex and transgender athletes attempting to redefine the gender lines of competition in a non-binary world.’

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