Fans of Yellowstone have been left stunned after the latest airing – namely, Season 3 Episode 8, which is titled I Killed A Man Today.

The plotline saw Teeter and Colby get attacked while they took a skinny dip over in the creek, so understandably, viewers want to know what happens next.

To add to the suspense, there are only two episodes left in the season, and so spoilers on what is happening in Season 3 Episode 9 are highly in demand.

It is common knowledge that Teeter has been keen on Colby for a while, so it was nice to see them finally have their flirting become real action with the skinny dip.

However, when Wade and his son took on the pair with their horses, causing them to slide underneath the water, it becomes unclear if they survive.

Frustratingly, Paramount Network is remaining tight-lipped on their fate for now, with no trailer apparently available online for the upcoming scenes.

All we know about episode 9 is that Jamie has to take on his past, Rip has an old problem to talk with Kayce about and the bunkhouse has a defensive mission.

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