In a social media announcement which has sent the internet into meltdown, Disney Plus has revealed that The Mandalorian will be streaming its second season from October 30.

The announcement came with a new logo which included the much-loved character referred to as Baby Yoda, also known as The Child.

Fans currently presume that episodes will be streaming weekly, as they did last year. For those who need a reminder before the new series begins, here’s what happened last time…

A Mandalorian bounty hunter and gunfighter provides a bounty to Greef Karga before being ordered to capture a target. He is helped by various characters, such as Kuiil and IG-11.

Along the way, he meets The Child and realises he wants to see to its welfare himself. He takes refuge on an outer planet, but he has plenty of troubles to encounter along the way.

Ultimately, he is told that he must find out where The Child came from and return Baby Yoda to its species at the edges of the galaxy.

You can catch up on episodes of The Mandalorian on Disney Plus here, or read our full review of the show here.

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