Disney Plus subscribers have been disappointed to find that The Mandalorian is now over until the second season is released. However, the first series has left fans eager to know what’s coming up next, and there is plenty of information out there that provides clues ahead of further episodes. Here is a round-up of what may be going down in season two of The Mandalorian.

Story-wise, we are now aware that The Mandalorian is called Din Djarin. We can also guess that the second season will involve him going with Baby Yoda to find out where his species is located. Similarly, there could be exploration relating to finding out about the Jedi too. That being said, these journeys probably won’t go too smoothly, as Moff Gideon is willing to go to extraordinary lengths to get to Baby Yoda.

Thanks to a tweet from show creator John Favreau, we also know that the next season will feature the Gamorrean, a species resembling pigs which are often seen in roles as bodyguards and mercenaries for crime lords. We can surmise from this information that Din and Baby Yoda are likely to encounter some crime syndicates throughout the galaxy.

There are rumours that we will see Boba Fett in the second season, as the fifth episode of the first series saw a person with boots which differed from those of Moff Gideon and made a spur-jingling sound like those of Fett from the original Star Wars films.

As the first season of The Mandalorian came out in November 2019, fans are hoping for the second season to make its debut in November 2020. There is no guarantee of this, though, and there are currently no trailers to give viewers a sneak peek of what to expect. However, it’s likely fans will be looking out for trailers at around the same time as they were released for the previous season – so August and October.




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