NCIS: Los Angeles was thrown into turmoil when season 11 began airing, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

One consequence of this situation is that fans did not get to fully explore the departure of Nell Jones, an intelligence analyst played by Renee Felice Smith.

The episodes during season 11 showed Nell struggling with her boyfriend Eric not being around, and when he came back she found out he had been on a secret mission.

However, she responded by requesting a break, and she was also going through a personal crisis due to not enjoying work anymore.

After handing in her resignation letter, Hetty was not happy about it and told Nell to take some days off instead so she could think about her next steps.

In reality, fans should not worry too much, as Nell simply made an exit in order to take up another project for a while. We can presume that she will be back before too long!

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