Popular reality show Below Deck has been airing for several seasons now, and the good news is that it will soon be back for season 8. What’s more, there will be new episodes very soon – in just a few weeks, in fact.

As the mega yacht My Seanna prepares to cruise around the Caribbean, he’s what fans across the globe can expect to see soon when the scenes make their debut on Bravo and Hayu. 

When will season 8 of Below Deck come out on Bravo?

The eighth season of Below Deck has been confirmed for a November 3, 2020 release on Bravo and Hayu. This means that fans will be able to stream and download episodes as they please from this date.

Will there be another season of Below Deck?

The show is popular with fans, so it would make sense for seasons to keep on airing. There has been nothing confirmed yet, but we will most likely find out in the coming months whether another season is coming up. The coronavirus pandemic will likely also mean there are delays when it comes to filming and production.

Season 8 spoilers and fan theories

One welcome face returning to our screens for season eight of Below Deck is Eddie Lucas. Fans will remember him from way back when season three was airing, and now he has achieved his 1600-ton license.

Furthermore, Chief Stewardess Kate Chastain will not be returning, as she quit the show once season 7 had wrapped up filming. Francesca Rubi will be replacing her.

Below Deck season 8 cast

The new cast for Below Deck season 8 includes the following people:


  • Elizabeth Frankini
  • Isabelle ‘Izzy’ Wouters


  • James Hough
  • Shane Coopersmith


  • Lee Rosbach

Is there a trailer for season 8?

A trailer is currently out for season 8, and in it we see Francesca Rubi admitting she takes her job as Chief Stewardess ‘a little bit too seriously sometimes’. What’s more, we will see Captain Lee tell a guest that their charter has ended after they go for a night swim.

More drama is seen when the team finds out about the coronavirus pandemic, and Captain Lee comments that ‘The f***ing world’s going to h*ll in a f***ing handbasket.’

Season 7 recap – what happened?

Six new crew members joined the team for Below Deck season 7, with Thailand being explored and several challenges being faced. For example, Kate struggles with new chef Kevin, and Ashton tries to handle managing his own crew as a new bosun.

Where is Below Deck filmed?

The new season is filmed in the Caribbean, which Captain Lee is clearly happy to be returning to – saying in the trailer that he’s ‘missed the h*ll out of it’ and it’s ‘like going home again’.

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