There is good news for Narcos fans, as the popular show is returning for a third season. Now all that’s left to do is wait, but there’s plenty of gossip and rumours to enjoy while we anticipate the fresh episodes.

When will season 3 of Narcos come out on Netflix?

There isn’t a clear answer right now. What we do know is that the first season was out in November 2018, then the second one was released in February 2020. The pandemic will likely slow down or delay filming, so there’s no telling at this point.

Will there be another season of Narcos?

There is no official announcement at the time of writing, but if season 3 does well it would make sense to have Narcos season 4. Fingers crossed!

Season 3 spoilers and fan theories

Fans have speculated that the third season will focus on Amado Carrillo Fuentes as he gains in power. Felix lost his empire, but he predicted what would happen to his old colleagues. He revealed in a conversation with Walt Breslin (Scoot McNairy) that power would move to Juarez from Guadalajara.

One of the biggest questions was whether Diego Luna and Scoot McNairy would be returning. While Walt will be back on our screens, Diego is saying goodbye as he is currently working on a Star Wars prequel series for Disney Plus.

Narcos season 3 cast

  • Scoot McNairy (Walt)
  • Jose Maria Yazpik (Amado)
  • Alberto Ammann (Pacho Herrera)
  • Alfonso Dosal (Benjamin Arrelano Felix)
  • Mayra Hermosillo (Enedina Arellano Felix)
  • Matt Letscher (James Kuykendall)
  • Manuel Masalva (Ramón Arellano Felix)
  • Alejandro Edda (El Chapo)
  • Gorka Lasaosa (Héctor Palma)

Is there a trailer for season 3?

There is indeed! Netflix released a 41 second season 3 announcement on YouTube, which is unlisted on the platform. The beginning of the clip reads: ‘Narcos: Mexico season 2 raised the stakes. But we’re not finished yet. Now you’ll see what happens when the cage breaks open and all the animals run free.’

Season 2 recap – what happened?

Felix Gallardo – the Godfather of the Guadalajara cartel – was arrested and jailed for the abduction and murder of DEA agent Kiki Camarena. Now other cartels are set to rise – namely the Sinaloa, Tijuana and Juarez factions. We can expect a war for power, along with a potential return for DEA agent Walt Breslin.

Where is Narcos filmed?

The first two seasons of Narcos were filmed in and around Mexico City, and there are plans for season three to be filmed on locations with COVID-19 safety measures in place. What’s more, we know that Netflix is planning to expand production in Mexico, and there are set to be 50 TV shows and movies produced there over the next few years.

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