Rick and Morty fans are impatiently waiting for the return of season 4 on Adult Swim and Hulu, as the show took a break after airing the first five episodes.

There’s good news and bad news. The bad news is that we still aren’t sure when the fourth season will be back. However, a short film has come out.

The movie is called Samurai and Shogun, and lasts five minutes. Released by Adult Swim, the production sees Rick WTM72 – a samurai version of Rick – protect Morty from a group of evil Ricks.

The title was written and directed by Kaichi Saito, and produced by anime production house Studio Deen. The company is known for producing the Netflix series Neo Yokio.

As far as the rest of season 4 is concerned, it will be released at some point this year, but an exact date has yet to be identified.

In other news, Amazon Prime Video has been working hard to build up an enviable movie and TV library.

As they know how much fans enjoy streaming series like Rick and Morty, the platform now provides the best value for money with its standalone service priced at just $8.99 a month.

The platform has over 14,000 movies – which is three times as many as competitors like Netflix!

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