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Here at Streaming Wars, we’re fortunate to receive many applications, pitches and proposals from people keen to work with us. We love to hear from people who are as passionate about streaming services as we are, and we’re keen to work with as many of you as possible.

If you have an original idea or an interesting take on a current development in the streaming wars sphere, we want to know about it. Please send your pitch to [email protected], and we’ll be in touch if your enquiry is of interest to us. As we receive lots of pitches every day, we thank you in advance for your patience in receiving a response.

Please note we will be in touch only if your idea and experience matches our needs. We will then assign an editor to correspond with you. You may be required to complete an assessment to demonstrate your writing ability before being able to submit an article for us.

What we’re looking for

Streaming Wars is a hub for quick-fire news that delivers information people who lead busy lives want to read in a quick and easily digestible format. This means we want short, punchy pieces which deliver concise information. Long-form articles will rarely be accepted, and any opinion pieces need to be backed up by relevant statistics from the industry. We like high-quality reporting that focuses on various perspectives within the streaming sphere, and we especially want to hear from those who have intel on new streaming services or developments yet to hit the mainstream news.

Pitch guidelines

  1. Writers must title their email ‘Pitch Request’ in order to reach the correct mailbox.
  2. We will not accept pre-written articles – please only send ideas.
  3. Please be as brief as possible in your email. Bullet points are welcome!
  4. Writers must send links to their portfolios to demonstrate previous experience of content creation.
  5. Any links you wish the article to contain must be relevant and benefit readers.
  6. Content must be unique. We use plagiarism tools to identify content which has been taken from existing sources, and you will be blacklisted if you submit plagiarised work.
  7. Copy must be accurate, using statistics and quotes from reputable sources where appropriate.

Editorial job opportunities

News reporter

News reporters at Streaming Wars need to be obsessed with the latest trends in the streaming industry and always keep an eye on what the next big movie or series could be.

This role involves keeping track of current events and reporting on them as they happen, ensuring best SEO practices are adhered to.

Reporters should be able to:

– Break down complex events into easily digestible articles for readers

– Create high quality copy quickly and upload without errors

– Recognise when stories require further research or fact clarification

– Come up with ideas for long term news coverage in the social media and SEO spheres

This role is ideal for new reporters who have examples of published work online in a similar area, or existing technology reporters looking for a fun new challenge.

All applicants should send a resume and cover letter to [email protected]


As Streaming Wars experiences exponential growth, we are looking to expand our content team by hiring an editor to assist with overseeing daily output.

The new editor should be able to demonstrate a passion for streaming, whether this comes in the form of writing about TV or movies in the past or reporting for a major entertainment publication.

They should also have samples of edited copy, indicating how they have mentored writers in the past to improve their quality of writing and research skills.

Responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:

– Copy editing news articles and reviews

– Fact checking all copy

– Mentoring junior reporters

– Assisting with the upkeep of the events calendar and editorial planner

– Keeping an eye on site traffic and constantly innovating with fresh ideas

Requirements and qualifications:

– At least two years of relevant editing or online publishing experience

– Familiarity with content management systems such as WordPress

– An ability to work to tight deadlines under pressure

– Good project management and communication skills

– A willingness to take on a range of tasks, change priorities as required and work in a collaborative manner

All applicants should send a resume and cover letter, plus 3 ideas for news articles which could be published on the site today to [email protected]

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