The Family Chantel is a popular TLC spinoff of the 90 Day Fiance franchise. It stars Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno, who originally appeared in season four of 90 Day Fiance. The first season made its debut on July 22, 2019, and it was renewed for a second instalment. This series premiered on October 12 2020. Notably, The Family Chantel is the first 90 Day Fiance spinoff, although there are now others such as Darcey and Stacey.


The story of Chantel and Pedro continues after their explosive debut in 90 Day Fiance. Chantel brought Pedtro over to America on a K-1 visa, lying to her family about how he was in the country and saying he was on a student visa.

As the family drama unfolded, fans wanted to know more about the couple after their marriage at the end of season four and so the pair are seen in this spinoff series along with Chantel’s family.

Cast and characters

  • Chantel Everett
  • Pedro Jimeno
  • Karen Everett
  • Thomas Everett
  • River Everett
  • Winter Everett
  • Royal Everett
  • Lydia Jimeno
  • Nicole Jimeno
  • Angenette

Filming locations

After marrying, Chantel and Pedro settle down in Georgia, and the bulk of filming takes place in Atlanta. However, sometimes shooting takes place in other locations, such as Manila, the Dominican Republic and the Philippines.


The show is produced by Sharp Entertainment. On average, episodes last 42 minutes.

Episodes and reception

The episodes of The Family Chantel so far are as follows:

Season One

Episode 1: All’s Fair in Love and War

An introduction to the show where Chantel and Pedro are seen experiencing turbulent times in their relationship.

Episode 2: How to Come to America

The first big family fight is seen after a counselling session where old issues begin to resurface.

Episode 3: The Truth Comes Out

Chantel and Karen make the decision to find out more about Winter’s boyfriend using a private investigator.

Episode 4: It’s All Crashing Down

Jah is confronted after the private investigator has some shocking news about him.

Episode 5: Pack Your Bags

Pedro is heartbroken to discover his grandmother is sick and he goes to see her after talking with his sister.

Episode 6: The Fight To Get Along

It isn’t just Pedro returning to the Dominican Republic as Chantel and her family have decided to join him.

Episode 7: The Last Supper

Another round of family drama takes place as the overseas visit continues and it’s not improving any time soon.

Episode 8: What Are Your Intentions?

Chantel’s family comes up with a decision about seeing Pedro’s family which is surprising.

Season Two

Episode 1: Like Sister, Like Brother

Chantel’s older brother has come back to America with his foreign spouse.

Episode 2: A New Family Feud

Pedro plans to visit New York City, while Chantel is suspicious about Royal’s relationship.

Episode 3: Ugly Sweaters, Painted Beards

A family photo shoot takes place, but various feuds soon erupt. Meanwhile, Chantel and Pedro go to NYC.

Episode 4: Sister Act

Pedro is not happy with Nicole about being with a married man, so he confronts her about the issue.

Episode 5: A Thrilla in Manila

The family heads to Manila, but there is a secret about Royal’s relationship which comes to light.

Episode 6: Loose Lips Sink Ships

Chantel’s family is getting ready for the wedding in the Philippines, but Chantel and Pedro have work to do.

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