Watching the best TV series and movies on-demand is one of the perks of the streaming world. Whether it's The Boys on Amazon Prime Video or 90 Day Fiance on fuboTV, there's plenty to choose from. As for the platforms, here are our top picks...

Discover the best options for streaming your favorite shows and movies on demand.

from $8.99
Per month
Considered by many to be the original streaming service
Offers wildly popular original titles such as Stranger Things
The platform has been around since before streaming boxes and devices
Watch on a range of devices, from smartphones and tablets to smart TVs and more

There is always a top series coming out on Netflix, which is known for hits such as You, Tiger King and The Ranch. What’s more, with various membership plans available, no commercials and rotating content, there’s always going to be a range of flexible options.

from $5.99
Per month
Bundle deal available to combine Hulu with Disney Plus and ESPN+
Top Hulu Originals such as The Handmaid’s Tale available on the platform
Add-ons such as HBO and Cinemax available for purchase
Choose from history, horror, science fiction and more

Most Americans know about Hulu, which has top shows such as You’re The Worst, The Exorcist and The Handmaid’s Tale available. There is a bundle deal on offer to combine Hulu with Disney+ and ESPN+, and there is also a Hulu Live TV platform.

from $14.99
Per month
Provides top content from HBO, with many classics available
The platform has invested in titles such as South Park and Studio Ghibli movies
Enjoy several DC Comics shows as original titles
A Riverdale spinoff and a reboot of classics such as Grease feature

A relative newcomer to the streaming world, HBO Max is already known for top titles such as Little Ellen, Jellystone and Craftopia. It has a strong library of all the HBO content people know and love, with popular titles invested in such as the Studio Ghibli films.

from $12.99
Per month
Over 14,000 TV series available
Stream on three devices at once
Benefit from a 30 day free trial
Premium channels available - HBO, Cinemax, Starz and more

There is an enviable content library on Amazon Prime Video, with titles such as This Is Us, The Americans and Mr Robot. To be precise, over 14,000 titles are on offer, and there are numerous add-ons for purchasing. What’s more, you can check out a 30 day free trial now.

from $4.99
Per month
Rapidly growing list of shows available
Stream on six devices at once
Watch shows from top actors such as Jennifer Aniston
Make the most of a competitive price - just $4.99 a month

Another newcomer to the world of streaming, Apple TV+ has introduced us to top shows such as See and For All Mankind. Some criticised the fact it had a small content library when it first launched, but the platform has gone on to prove it’s quality over quantity.

from $6.99
Per month
Watch the entire Disney vault of content from over the years
Check out top shows such as The Mandalorian, made exclusively for the platform
Stream shows from 20th Century Fox such as The Simpsons
Watch Star Wars, Marvel, National Geographic and more

One of the biggest competitors against streaming veterans such as Netflix, Disney+ has smashed onto the streaming market with access to wildly popular series The Mandalorian, plus titles from Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic. Check out titles such as Lizzie McGuire and Guardians of the Galaxy with this platform.

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