Discover the best channels for streaming movies.

Stream The Walking Dead on AMC
Watch Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul
Originally featured theatrically released films
Check out Mad Men and other top shows
Commonly referred to by viewers as the Fox Movie Channel
Provides movies from Fox Film, Twentieth Century Pictures and 20th Century Studios
Offers a combination of classic and modern day movies to suit all audiences
Movies are shown without commercial interruption between 3am and 3pm
Combines Vision Interfaith Satellite Network and the American Christian Television System
Used to air religious programs for 16 hours a day
Now focuses on family oriented content, with both movies and TV shows
Airs content aimed at younger audiences, such as The Addams Family
Known for airing indie films, world cinema, documentaries and short films
Around 52% of all TV subscribers in the US access this channel
Top programs include Cleverman, The Red Road and State of the Union
Available to stream via Sling TV and Philo
Short for Turner Classic Movies, offering theater-released feature films
Top movies available previously include Citizen Kane and West Side Story
Available globally in locations such as the UK, Ireland, France, Greece and Cyprus
Can be streamed via AT&T TV Now

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