Compare the best streaming services

from $12.99
Per month
Over 14,000 TV series available
Stream on three devices at once
Benefit from a 30 day free trial
Premium channels available - HBO, Cinemax, Starz and more

If you’re looking to tie in several premium benefits as part of a subscription plan, then Amazon Prime Video is the obvious choice. You can also make the most of free two-day shipping on all orders, access to Prime Music and more.

from $4.99
Per month
Rapidly growing list of shows available
Stream on six devices at once
Watch shows from top actors such as Jennifer Aniston
Make the most of a competitive price - just $4.99 a month

This relatively new streaming service has landed some big names on its titles, with top shows including The Morning Show and The Elephant Queen.

from $15
Per month
Over 15,000 titles available
Stream on three devices at once
Benefit from 72-hour rewind
Enjoy add-ons such as HBO, Cinemax, Showtime and Starz

Watch top channels such as Animal Planet, BBC America and Cartoon Network. Enjoy on-demand shows like Say Yes To The Dress and Condor.

from $14.99
Per month
Over 2500 fitness classes
30+ new workouts added each week
Programs can be tailored to fitness goals
Exercise with treadmill, yoga, elliptical and more

Aaptiv provides inspiration with music and expert trainers to make each workout unique. Many call it the Netflix of exercise. There is even a free trial available to get you started.

from $55
Per month
Up to 500 hours of Cloud DVR on offer
Stream a generous selection of regional sports networks
Watch top channels such as Bet, Boomerang and Nickelodeon
Premium channels include HBO Max, Cinemax and Showtime

Check out your options with AT&T TV Now, which has a free trial and offers access to content such as Jimmy Kimmel Live and Puppy Dog Pals.

from $39
Per month
Provides quick workouts for people on the go
Workouts can be adjusted to suit particular fitness levels
Exercise with pilates, yoga, country dancing and more
Choose from a quarterly or an annual plan

With Openfit and Aaptiv as its main competitors, Beachbody aims to provide tailored workouts for all interested in getting fit with streaming services – and there’s a free trial, too.

7 day free trial
from $5.99
Per month
Over 30,000 TV series available
Stream on two devices at once
Make the most of a seven day free trial
Watch the most popular CBS shows on demand

From Young Sheldon to Star Trek, a huge number of classic shows are available to stream whenever you like on CBS All Access with a free trial.

from $9.99
Per month
The perfect streaming service for movie buffs
Offers a VOD service - Cinemax On Demand
Available as an add-on with platforms such as Amazon Prime Video
Provides popular movies which did well at the box office

Alongside competitors Showtime and Starz, Cinemax has carved a niche in the movie streaming industry with its range of sought-after titles – you can get it as an add-on now.

from $2.99
Per month
A range of documentaries to view
Incredibly cheap monthly subscription
Streamers can watch offline by downloading content
Offers titles which are hard to find elsewhere

Whether it’s Stephen Hawking or dinosaurs, there’s plenty to check out with a subscription to CuriosityStream – at a crazy-low price, too!

from $7.99
Per month
Targets a niche with anime titles
Provides a store with clothing and merchandise
Offers a release calendar for anime fans to track new titles
Huge library of shows on offer

Alongside Funimation, Crunchyroll offers a niche service with anime at a competitive price – or totally free of charge!

from $19.99
Per month
Check out over 80 fight events per year
Compatible with iPad, Android, Roku, Fire TV and more
Set reminders for certain events using the app
Enjoy exclusive coverage of select events

Watch a huge range of sports with DAZN, as content comes from Bellator, World Boxing Super Series and more.

from $6.99
Per month
Watch the entire Disney vault of content from over the years
Check out top shows such as The Mandalorian, made exclusively for the platform
Stream shows from 20th Century Fox such as The Simpsons
Watch Star Wars, Marvel, National Geographic and more

Disney+ recently emerged as a competitor for long-established streamer Netflix, with an enviable library of content and high-value subscription.

from $4.99
Per month
Enjoy live coverage of top leagues and matches
Stream on-demand content such as 30 for 30
Pay a small monthly price for a huge range of content
Platform comes from a trusted brand and sports network

ESPN+ offers a good selection of PPV events and live streaming coverage for major tournaments such as MLB and Serie A.

from $4.99
Per month
Over 100,000 movies and TV shows on offer
Features new releases not found on Netflix, Hulu or similar
Products are purchased using a pay as you go format
Movies can be pre-ordered before they are released to avoid missing out

Many Americans know of FandangoNOW, which offers some of the best new releases around.

from $4.99
Per month
Watch boxing, wrestling, MMA and soccer
Choose from a range of subscriptions
Read the latest news on your favourite sport
Stream top marquee events in the industry

Fite TV offers a range of top event coverage, from May Thai to Pro Wrestling. Plus enjoy MMA Power Hour, MLW Fusion and more.

from $54.99
Per month
Provides a number of add-ons across entertainment, sports and more
A range of plans are on offer to customise each streaming experience
Offers top channels such as Fox News, CBS, Showtime and AMC
Offers some events in 4K with increased functionality set to come in the future
If you want regional sports, fuboTV may be a good choice, as it’s one of the few live TV streaming services with RSNs such as AT&T and SportsNet on offer, as well as NBA TV, NFL Network and more. FuboTV also has Viacom channels such as Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, VH1 and MTV on offer.
from RS 399
Per month
Watch movies and TV shows on Android and iOS devices
Stream top titles such as Game of Thrones and How I Met Your Mother
Unlock more content by signing up for a premium account
Enjoy sports tournaments and stream the latest matches or leagues

Hotstar is a top choice for those residing in India, as there are hundreds of episodes for top shows available to binge watch. Plus there are sports such as cricket, football, table tennis and more.

from $5.99
Per month
Bundle deal available to combine Hulu with Disney Plus and ESPN+
Top Hulu Originals such as The Handmaid’s Tale available on the platform
Add-ons such as HBO and Cinemax available for purchase
Choose from history, horror, science fiction and more

Hulu is the go-to on demand streaming service if you want a good variety of network shows. The service offers 50 hours of DVR, with an upgrade to 200 hours on offer – plus you can skip through commercials when moving to this add-on.

from $54.99
Per month
Benefit from over 65 channels available live
Gain access to the full on-demand streaming library
Choose from a range of regional sports networks
Enjoy a highly intuitive user interface

Hulu Live TV offers the best option for local TV, with 26 top cable channels and local shows in almost every market available. Plus there’s a free trial on offer. Hulu is owned by Disney, which in turn owns Fox and ABC.

from $6.99
Per month
Check out the best reality shows on the market
Watch snippets before an episode to get a taste of what’s coming up
Save shows for later with My Hayu
Enjoy a low price for the monthly subscription

Hayu provides some of the most highly sought after shows as they air on live channels in the US, such as Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

from $14.99
Per month
Provides top content from HBO, with many classics available
The platform has invested in titles such as South Park and Studio Ghibli movies
Enjoy several DC Comics shows as original titles
A Riverdale spinoff and a reboot of classics such as Grease feature

Although late to the streaming wars, HBO Max promises an enviable streaming catalog with numerous titles from WarnerMedia.

from $14.99
Per month
Purchase a subscription plan if you don’t have access to HBO Go
Offers a seven day free trial so people can try before they buy
Known for some of the most popular titles around, such as Game of Thrones
Offers several genres, from movies to kids, sports and documentaries

HBO has a reputation for producing the shows which are talked about the most compared to any other streaming service. Prime examples include Game of Thrones and Sex and the City.

from $24.99
Per month
The best choice around for baseball fans
Make the most of full game archives for on demand streaming
Watch highlights and games which have been condensed for convenience
Enjoy radio commentary alongside streaming video for a more complete experience

Stay up to date with the baseball season thanks to MLB TV, and enjoy features such as a highly functional user interface.

from $10.99
Per month
Mubi offers some of the best niche movie titles for film buffs
Each title is hand picked, so subscribers can be sure of the quality
There are new movies released on the platform daily
A social network is available to connect with like minded people

Mubi offers a unique twist in the streaming industry by providing niche movies for film lovers. Each title has been selected based on its merit relating to its genre.

from €2.99
Per month
Watch a range of video streams on one convenient platform
Stream titles using a Chromecast or Android device
Discover new titles daily with fresh streams added regularly
The platform is free with ads, or available ad-free with a cheap subscription plan

Watch a number of new and popular titles in one place with Mobdro, and don’t pay a dime as the main version of the platform is totally free.

from $8.99
Per month
Considered by many to be the original streaming service
Offers wildly popular original titles such as Stranger Things
The platform has been around since before streaming boxes and devices
Watch on a range of devices, from smartphones and tablets to smart TVs and more

Netflix generally spends more than its competitors on licensed and original content. Furthermore, studies have shown that the Netflix content library consists of a higher percentage of TV shows and movies that people are actually likely to watch.

from $99.99
Per month
Check out full broadcast replays and condensed games
Enjoy access to the NFL Originals archives for on-demand entertainment
Analyse footage with the All-22 angle Coaches Film feature
Available on many streaming devices - from Xbox One to Roku

Check out the top footage on offer across the latest American Football season with NFL Game Pass. Soccer fanatics can also enjoy instant access to the NFL Films Archive and more.

from $24.99
Per month
Stay up to date on all the latest games for the hockey season
Check out additional tools such as Hockey is for Everyone
Stream with multiple camera angles to make the most of events
Stream on a number of compatible devices, from mobile phones to smart TVs

NHL TV is designed for hockey fans who want to track the current season. It offers intuitive controls and a vault of classic games.

from $8
Per month
A fitness platform which lets people overhaul their lifestyles
Provides on-demand classes with many fitness trainers
Offers a daily meal plan which is customised for each subscriber
There is a live fitness community on hand to help keep each other motivated

Openfit aims to help people enjoy fitness, with interactive classes and a huge range of workouts to choose from.

from $20
Per month
Offers a budget-friendly skinny bundle with 50 channels for a low monthly price
Provides 72 hour rewind to catch up on shows not recorded up to 3 days after their debut
Stream on three devices at once
Comes with unlimited cloud DVR and 30 days to watch available recorded titles

Philo is the cheapest live TV streaming service, as it offers a limited range of channels in exchange for a low price of $20 a month. Philo is a good budget option for entertainment options, as you will get A&E, AMC, BET, HGTV, Hallmark, Discovery and more.

from $4.99
Per month
Provides over 15,000 hours of content for subscribers
Comes with reboots of classics such as Battlestar Galactica and Saved By The Bell
Offers in-demand shows such as The Office and Parks and Recreation
Provides a free subscription plan for those on a budget

Enjoy highly sought after titles, top movies from companies such as DreamWorks and multiple subscription options with Peacock.

from $0
Per month
Benefit from completely free ad-supported live TV
Watch content on the unique Pluto TV channels
Enjoy top channels such as Sky News and Bloomberg Television
Compatible on Android TV, Chromecast, Roku, iOS and more

PlutoTV offers over 100 different channels, from live music and action movies to sports and comedy.

from $0
Per month
Enjoy many unique web series, such as The Void and Game Changers
Provides ad supported video on demand, or AVOD
Its main competitors are Tubi TV and Pluto TV
Offers a specialised section for children called Popcornflix Kids

Popcornflix offers a free streaming platform for fans of any category, from drama and action to horror and thriller. Expect to see ads but no charge is attached.

from $4.99
Per month
Provides shorter clips, known as ‘bites’ of content
Features top celebs, such as Chrissy Tiegen and Offset
Focuses on those aged between 25 and 35 in particular
Range of content genres, from reality to horror

Quibi is specially designed for smartphones and people on the go, so they can check out ‘quick bites’ as they go about their everyday lives.

from $2.99
Per month
Watch something different every day with combined entertainment sources
Purchase from a major retailer such as Walgreens or CVS
Watch a huge range of on-demand content free of charge
Browse through titles according to genre, network, decade and more

Rabbit TV Plus provides a convenient option for those wanting free streaming movies and TV, all in one place.

from $2.99
Per month
Purchase in-demand movies and TV episodes on a pay as you go basis
Watch newer titles than those available on other services, such as Hulu or Netflix
Choose to rent or purchase a title depending on how long you want it available
Bypass commercials and avoid sitting through ads after making a purchase

Redbox has been known in the past for providing DVD rentals from red kiosks, and now it’s a pay per view online service offering the hottest new titles.

from $0
Per month
One of the most popular streaming devices on the market
Watch free and ad-supported content
Check out content on The Roku Channel, with even more options available
Watch top titles such as The Dark Knight, Bewitched and The Nanny

Most people have a Roku device, and for good reason. With access to either free on demand content or paid subscriptions, it’s a popular choice.

from $10
Per month
Available for customers of Southern Fibernet Internet
Offers a TV service to its select location in Atlanta
Provides over 90 sports and entertainment channels
Features a cloud-based DVR system which saves recordings for seven days

SFN TV Now is an extension of the Southern Fibernet Internet service for Atlanta-based customers. It features channels such as BBC America, The CW and Bravo.

from $10.99
Per month
A premium channel available as an add-on with many streaming packages
Produces original series such as Homeland and Ray Donovan
Compatible with many devices, including Fire TV, Chromecast, Roku, Xbox One and iOS
On-demand titles are often added to the app at the same time as they premiere live

With its main rival as HBO, Showtime competes in the streaming market by providing an add-on premium service for exclusive original series and sought-after movies.

from $5.99
Per month
Focuses on the horror and thriller niche in the streaming industry
Features titles which have been hand-picked by experts
Users can stream titles without sitting through adverts
Offers exclusive cuts from the most popular horror films on the market

Shudder is the best choice for horror fans, as there are endless options in this genre. The platform is compatible with Roku, Xbox One, Amazon Fire TV and more.

from $44.99
Per month
Provides a huge number of HD channels
Allows subscribers to watch live TV on the go
Offers over 20,000 on-demand titles within its app
Available in at least 40 states

Spectrum TV offers movies, sports, educational TV, news and more. There are multiple packages available to suit any preference.

from $30
Per month
Choose from the Orange package, the Blue plan or a combination
Select an add-on such as HBO, Sling Latino and Spanish language channels
Offers DVR as an extension to give users more recording space
Provides a skinny bundle for those operating on a budget

With Sling TV, you can choose from Sling Blue, Sling Orange or a combined plan – depending on the kind of content you watch.

from $8.99
Per month
A premium add-on choice for a content extension
Unlimited HD streaming on offer
Streaming available on four devices at once
Provides exclusive shows such as Outlander and The Spanish Princess

Check out a range of TV series, movies and network options with Starz. Divide your choices into categories such as Crime Dramas, Popular and more.

from $0
Per month
Suitable for those who don’t want to pay each month for a subscription
Provides content from major partners such as Sony Pictures, Warner Bros and NBCUniversal
Ability to mark shows for watching later if customers are short on time
Offers genres ranging from action and anime to classics and comedy

Tubi TV is similar to services such as Pluto TV in that it offers users with free ad-supported content. Top titles on the platform include School of Rock and Robocop 2.

from $29
Per month
Allows US citizens living abroad to catch up on their favourite titles
Works on multiple devices, from mobile phones and tables to TV streaming devices
Check out what shows are coming up by navigating through the TV guide
Plans include Teleup Plus, All Channels + DVR, Best Movies and more

Focused on expats and military citizens, USTVnow aims to keep people abroad in the loop with their favourite shows and movies.

from $18
Per month
Provides a customisable streaming TV package for its customers
Includes 10 hours of cloud DVR so users can record shows and watch later
Offers live HD streaming either at home or on the go with the app
Compatible with multiple devices, from Roku and Android to iPhones and Xbox

Xfinity Instant TV is a top choice for those who want access to hundreds of live TV channels, ranging from AMC and ESPN to TNT and Starz.

from $49.99
Per month
Offers over 70 channels, from entertainment to sports and news
Six different user accounts can be set up on a single profile
Three devices can stream content at once
Check out core channels such as CNBC and Fox News

YouTube TV allows fans of the original site to expand their content offering with a live TV streaming package.

from INR 99
Per month
Provides content on demand for users residing in India
Available on web browsers, iOS, Android and smart TVs
On offer in a range of languages, from Tamil to Bengali
Ability to download content and watch offline at a later date

Zee5 is a leading streaming service in India and it is expanding internationally. It’s ideal for those who speak Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi and more.

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