Emily in Paris has brought both popularity and controversy to the streaming world. This American comedy drama stars Lily Collins as a young woman named Emily who moves to Paris for work. She provides her American point of view in a marketing firm and struggles with a culture clash, having issues with succeeding in the workplace due to different attitudes.

There is currently one season of the show, which has ten episodes in total. Each one is between 24 and 34 minutes in duration, and it first came out on October 2, 2020.


Emily is sent to Paris from Chicago in order to provide her American perspective to the newly acquired French firm Savoir. However, she struggles with her colleagues due to her inability to speak French. Her boyfriend Doug struggles with the distance and they experience relationship troubles. Meanwhile, she is tasked with adjusting to life in a foreign city alongside new friendships, a new love life and a new career.

Cast and characters

  • Emily Cooper – Lily Collins
  • Sylvie – Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu
  • Mindy Chen – Ashley Park
  • Gabriel – Lucas Bravo
  • Julien – Samuel Arnold
  • Luc – Bruno Gouery
  • Camille – Camille Razat
  • Madeline Wheeler – Kate Walsh
  • Antoine Lambert – William Abadie
  • Paul Brossard – Arnaud Viard
  • Doug – Roe Hartrampf
  • Catherine Lambert – Charley Fouquet
  • Randy Zimmer – Elon Bailey
  • Pierre Cadault – Jean-Christophe Bouvet
  • Mathieu Cadault – Charles Martins
  • Klara – Aleksandra Yermak
  • Thomas – Julien Floreancig
  • Brooklyn Clark – Carlson Young
  • Li – Elizabeth Tan
  • Timothee – Victor Meutelet
  • Louise – Camille Japy
  • Gerard – Christophe Guybet
  • Theo – David Prat
  • Judith Robertson – Faith Prince
  • Patricia – Claude Perron
  • Grey Space designer – Isaiah Hodges
  • Grey Space designer – Christophe Tek

Filming locations

Many of the scenes for Emily in Paris have been filmed at Place de l’Estrapade in the 5th Arrondissement. Others are filmed at Cite du Cinema, which is a film studio complex in Saint-Denis. One of the episodes was filmed at the Chateau de Sonnay in the department of Indre-et-Loire, and some took place in Chicago.


Here is a summary of the episodes in season one of Emily in Paris

Season One

Episode One – Emily in Paris

Emily is working at a marketing firm in Chicago when she is sent to Paris to provide a US perspective. She struggles with her new colleagues.

Episode Two – Masculin Féminin

Emily makes friends with a nanny called Mindy. Meanwhile, Doug calls off his plan for coming to Paris and the couple struggles.

Episode Three – Sexy or Sexist

Emily has a positive experience at work. Antoine shoots a perfume advertisement which Emily has issues with.

Episode Four – A Kiss is Just a Kiss

Emily meets Camille, who invites her to an art opening. She overcomes a work obstacle and convinces Antoine to make a trademark perfume.

Episode Five – Faux Amis

Emily and Mindy talk about the news that Gabriel and Camille are dating. Emily goes to an influencer lunch and tries to win a client back for Savoir.

Episode Six – Ringarde

Mindy’s father is trying to get her to return to China. She explains she left China due to embarrassing herself on Chinese Popstar.

Episode Seven – French Ending

Emily becomes babysitter to a ditzy and obnoxious American actress called Brooklyn Clark. Brooklyn ditches the party they are at wearing a highly expensive watch, so Emily must track her down.

Episode Eight – Family Affair

Camille invites Emily to lunch and suggests she take on her family’s vineyard as a new client. Mindy’s friend and her bridesmaids come to Paris for wedding dress shopping.

Episode Nine – An American Auction in Paris

Sylvie isn’t impressed with Emily’s suggestion they take on Camille’s family champagne. Emily meets Judith Robertson and is required to speak with Mathieu Cadault to discuss a dress donation.

Episode Ten – Cancel Couture

Mathieu asks Emily out on and they go on a boat cruise on the Seine. Pierre calls them and threatens to cancel his fashion show. Sylvie blames Emily and fires her.

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