Sitting down in front of the TV for movie night with the family is one of life's simplest pleasures. Whether your children are young or in their teens, it's best to have a streaming platform which caters to a range of ages - and that means movies and shows that everyone can enjoy. So which services are best? Here are our top picks…

Discover the best options for streaming family-friendly shows and movies.

from $6.99
Per month
Watch the entire Disney vault of content from over the years
Check out top shows such as The Mandalorian, made exclusively for the platform
Stream shows from 20th Century Fox such as The Simpsons
Watch Star Wars, Marvel, National Geographic and more

Disney Plus is seen by many as the best choice for families, as this relatively new streaming service provides movies and shows from its massive vault of content. From Pixar to 20th Century Fox, National Geographic and Marvel, there is a huge range of family-friendly fun to be had here.

from $4.99
Per month
Provides over 15,000 hours of content for subscribers
Comes with reboots of classics such as Battlestar Galactica and Saved By The Bell
Offers in-demand shows such as The Office and Parks and Recreation
Provides a free subscription plan for those on a budget

If you have teenage kids, it will be ideal to share titles such as Cheers, House and Frasier with them. Alternatively, kids have plenty to choose from with content such as Curious George, Where’s Waldo and Despicable Me. Peacock has invested heavily in its content library, with many NBCUniversal titles on offer.

from $4.99
Per month
Rapidly growing list of shows available
Stream on six devices at once
Watch shows from top actors such as Jennifer Aniston
Make the most of a competitive price - just $4.99 a month

Those with Apple TV+ will find that there is a surprising amount suitable for families, both new and old. For example, Tiny World is a nature documentary series suitable for all ages, and Harriet The Spy is a series which children are sure to love.

from $12.99
Per month
Over 14,000 TV series available
Stream on three devices at once
Benefit from a 30 day free trial
Premium channels available - HBO, Cinemax, Starz and more

This platform has plenty which is suitable for adults and children alike. For example, there’s The Adventures of Tintin, Bumblebee, The Gruffalo and A Series of Unfortunate Events. What’s more, Amazon Prime Video lets its new subscribers enjoy a 30 day free trial.

from $8.99
Per month
Considered by many to be the original streaming service
Offers wildly popular original titles such as Stranger Things
The platform has been around since before streaming boxes and devices
Watch on a range of devices, from smartphones and tablets to smart TVs and more

You’re spoilt for choice on Netflix when it comes to family movies. Just a few of the top titles available include The Peanuts Movie, Animal Crackers, Matilda, Klaus and The Little Mermaid. Plus there are Studio Ghibli movies in select locations and a rotating library of new titles all the time.

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