Those up to date with industry news in the streaming world will be aware that Disney acquired 20th Century Fox‘s TV studio.

As they take on a large rebrand for all of their TV studios, Disney announced yesterday (August 10) that they would be renaming the 20th Century Fox studio to simply 20th Television.

Meanwhile, Fox 21 Television Studios will be receiving a new name too – Touchstone Television. Some may recognise this name from when Disney used the TV brand back in the 2000s, stopping in 2007.

This doesn’t mean much for the everyday streamer, but viewers checking out new episodes of shows like Family Guy, The Simpsons, Bob’s Burgers and American Dad will notice new logos and end cards.

The name change has led to some confusion among industry leaders and the media, with The Verge questioning why Disney chose the new name to be 20th Television instead of something like 20th Century Television.

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