Whether it's on-demand fitness, live classes, peer support or help with your nutrition, there are plenty of options available. Often described as 'the Netflix of fitness', here are our top picks in the health and fitness streaming world…

Discover the best options for streaming fitness classes and improving your health.

from $14.99
Per month
Over 2500 fitness classes
30+ new workouts added each week
Programs can be tailored to fitness goals
Exercise with treadmill, yoga, elliptical and more

There are thousands of workouts available on demand with Aaptiv, plus over 30 new ones added each week. Tailor your workouts to specific fitness goals, such as maintaining weight loss.

from $39
Per month
Provides quick workouts for people on the go
Workouts can be adjusted to suit particular fitness levels
Exercise with pilates, yoga, country dancing and more
Choose from a quarterly or an annual plan

Choose the workout which best suits you with Beachbody. Whether it’s a quick blast or an introduction to fitness, the platform is suited for any fitness level and any scenario. What’s more, Beachbody has been around for over two decades.

from $8
Per month
A fitness platform which lets people overhaul their lifestyles
Provides on-demand classes with many fitness trainers
Offers a daily meal plan which is customised for each subscriber
There is a live fitness community on hand to help keep each other motivated

Improve your lifestyle with Openfit, a platform which provides both live and interactive classes – along with a customised daily meal plan and a fitness community to keep you motivated.

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