Discover the best channels for streaming news.

Provides news around business and markets for people in the industry
Reaches over 310 million homes across the world
Offers viewers with data and analysis for further insights
Based in America with channels across the globe
Created to televise US federal government events
Also provides public affairs programming
Set up as a non-profit public service
Offers indexed and archived video online
Watch breaking news on key events in the US and across the globe
Keep an eye on the latest headlines to remain informed
Available around the clock, fitting in with any busy schedule
Available with multiple streaming platforms, from Apple TV to FuboTV
Focuses on live streaming of news in niche industries for professionals
Available both live and on demand for all audiences to catch up on content
Covers products, technologies and services which form part of everyday life
A reliable hub for financial news which broadcasts live daily from New York
A relatively new channel, having launched in 2018
Available on platforms such as YouTube TV, Philo TV and FuboTV
Provides lifestyle programming as part of its content bundle
Features business and financial news for the working professional
A cable news channel which provides the latest breaking news
Covers varied topics, ranging from weather and business to entertainment and politics
Offers news, opinion and analysis on a number of issues
Founded in 1989 as a 24 hour channel and owned by WarnerMedia
A leading figure for access to business news and financial markets
Allows people to stay up to date on the latest trading news
Owned by NBCUniversal and established in 1989
Offers both a domestic US feed and a number of localised versions
Set up by Rupert Murdoch as a direct competitor to the CNBC channel
Focuses on currencies, world business and stock markets
Broadcasts 24 hours a day to keep viewers informed on business developments
Also broadcasts in Australia, the UK, Israel, India and Italy
Favours conservative views and the Republican party
Appeals to conservative viewers aged between 25 and 54
Available in 85 other countries, such as Europe, Asia and South America
Can be viewed via Sling TV, fuboTV, Hulu Live TV and more
Provides news around the clock to keep viewers informed
Offers coverage of regions including the US, Europe, Middle East and Australia
Operated by the BBC, or British Broadcast Corporation
Was previously known as BBC World Service Television in the 1990s
Provides cable news, original programming and political commentary
Offers shows such as Deadline: White House and MSNBC Live
Sister channels include Bravo, SyFy, Golf Channel and USA Network
Has a main competitor of Fox News

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