20th Century Studios president Steve Asbell has revealed that Hulu is becoming the hub for all non-theatrical releases from the company. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he confirmed that they would be releasing 10 or more movies on the streaming platform from 2023.

What’s more, there will also be three or four releases going into theatres – but the focus is definitely on having streaming platform Hulu as the main portal. So far, it has been confirmed that titles coming to Hulu include Death on the Nile, Murder on the Orient Express, Planet of the Apes, Free Guy, Predator and Avatar.

20th Century Studios has put a lot of thought into which movies go to streaming and which end up in theatres. The titles which have been predicted not to do so well in theatrical releases will go to Hulu, while the bigger hitters in the traditional cinema setting will be going there.

Asbell said: ‘We remain making commercial films for a global audience; we remain what we’ve always tried to be, which is a supportive working environment for talent, but thanks to this increase in streaming output, with the exception of a few titles, all of our movies will launch on Hulu domestically, Star+ internationally, which allows us to make the genres that we love, genres that Disney doesn’t make in the other divisions, and that we haven’t been able to play with as much in recent years. Comedy, thriller, young adult, horror. We get more of these at-bats, and we can make more bets on new talent.’

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