Fox series Bless The Harts is a sitcom which many people have enjoyed since its debut in September 2019. Based on the phrase ‘bless your heart’, originating in the South, the show has been popular enough that it was renewed for a second season comprising 22 episodes in October 2019.

The show can be streamed on Hulu as well as watched in real time on the Fox channel. Those in Canada can also stream it due to CityTV’s deal with Fox, which means the series is syndicated and airs episodes at the same time as its US twin.


The premise for Bless The Harts is simple – at the core of the plot is a working class family living in North Carolina. Jenny is the main character, and she is a waitress who is constantly strapped for cash. Meanwhile, she has her boyfriend Wayne, daughter Violet and mom Betty living in the house with her. If the name of the fictional town Bless The Harts is set in – Greenpoint – sounds familiar, that’s because it’s a mashup of Greensboro and High Point. 

Emily Spivey is the show’s creator, and she has said it is based on her own life growing up in High Point, North Carolina. As she was influenced by King of The Hill, which was on air between 1997 and 2010, fans will notice loose references to this show throughout the seasons. For example, the superstore Mega Lo Mart appears in both King of the Hill and Bless The Harts.

Cast and characters

  • Kristen Wiig – Jenny Hart
  • Maya Rudolph – Betty Hart
  • Jillian Bell – Violet Hart
  • Ike Barinholtz – Wayne Edwards
  • Kumail Nanjiani – Jesus Christ
  • Fortune Feimster – Brenda
  • Mary Steenburgen – Crystalynn
  • Drew Tarver – Randy
  • Gary Anthony Williams – Leonard
  • Emily Spivey – Louise
  • Oscar Montoya – David
  • Christy Stratton – Dawn
  • Jeremy Rowley – Jimmy Lee
  • Rich Blomquist – Daniel
  • Andy Bobrow – Bud
  • Holly Hunter – Marjune Gamble
  • Kevin Michael Richardson – Mr Stikeleather

Filming locations

As the show is animated, there are no particular filming locations. Bless The Harts has its animation production taken on by Titmouse Inc, and overseas animation is performed by Yearim and Digital eMation. These companies are located in Seoul, South Korea.


The show was given a straight to series order by Fox in September 2018, with thirteen episodes picked up. Originally 20th Century Fox was set to be involved as a production company, but when Disney acquired it the Fox Corporation was later added as a production company later on. 

The second season of the show was produced during the coronavirus pandemic, with the animated series remaining mostly unaffected by issues such as social distancing.

Episodes and reception

Here is a taste of the storylines which feature in season one of Bless The Harts.

Episode One

Jenny has to sell toys for cash after struggling to pay the water bill.

Episode Two

Jenny wants to send Violet to art school, so she takes on a second job as a stripper.

Episode Three

Betty tells her family about her old rich boyfriend, but a trip to visit his heir goes wrong. 

Episode Four

Wayne is scared of ghosts, so Violet and Leonard take him out ghost hunting.

Episode Five 

Betty’s nemesis splash her and Jenny with dirty water in the street, so the pair plot revenge.

Critical response

Review site Rotten Tomatoes gives Bless The Harts an overall approval rating of 82%, and the average rating is 6.5 out of 10. 

The site describes the show as having ‘an exceptional cast’ and ‘a…particular worldview [which] won’t be for everyone.’

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