There was a time when TV antennas would look conspicuous and out of place, but now sleeker, well polished designs have taken over. Antenna manufacturer Mohu has certainly taken this mindset on board with their Blade model, as it comes in a stylish and understated shape and colour which makes it perfect for placement anywhere in the home. Its design easily makes it stand out in the crowd, and its colour scheme means it effortlessly blends into any entertainment  system.

As an omnidirectional piece of equipment, the Blade is designed to pick up channels no matter where it’s placed. Furthermore, if you purchase the product directly from Mohu, you will be able to gain a 30 day money back guarantee. As a standard, there is a one year guarantee on the Mohu Blade TV antenna, meaning that consumers who encounter any issues with the product can have material defects covered with no additional charge.

What are the perks of owning an HD antenna?

The Mohu Blade is one of many brands of HD TV antennas which enable convenient, simple and easy access to over the air (OTA) television. Cord cutters are such big fans of using these antennas due to the fact that they won’t be tied into a monthly or annual subscription to a cable or satellite service. What’s more, antennas can provide a higher picture quality and uncover local channels that users may not have known existed, due to being signed up to a set package from a cable or satellite company. OTA broadcasts are also not subject to signal compressions seen with these paid services, so you don’t have to worry about low quality images, lags or inconsistent broadcasting. This setup is useful for those who are used to bad weather affecting their TV access, as the local networks won’t be subject to the same issues. Another nice perk is the inconspicuous look of these antennas, as the Mohu Blade exemplifies so nicely with its muted gray block design.

Fortunately, you don’t need to be a tech expert to know how to correctly set up the Monarch Blade in your home. The only essentials are having a TV with a digital tuner – which will you will own if you bought your TV after March 2007 – along with an antenna. Finally, a knowledge of where your local broadcast towers are located can be useful, even though the Mohu Blade is omnidirectional, meaning that it doesn’t have to be pointed in a particular direction in order to pick up reception. One thing to bear in mind is that placing the antenna higher up, such as outside, at the top of a window or in the attic, will lead to a higher likelihood of positive results, as will avoiding forcing the antenna to pass through objects such as trees, buildings and hills. This is because these obstructions could lead to a disruption in signal.


The first thing people notice about the Mohu Blade antenna is its solid and sturdy appearance. Featuring an oblong shape with a faux-granite texture, plus a flat and matte finish, it will easily coordinate with your home stereo, television and other electrical appliances. For those worried about the common fault seen with flat antennas, which is the fact they can be flimsy, there’s no need to fear – the Mohu Blade has been solidly constructed, meaning it can be placed inside or outside without any need for concern.

When it comes to the Mohu Blade setup, there are flexible options for you to get the best positioning possible. There is a circular fixture on the back of this TV antenna, meaning it can be hung on a wall using the screws which are supplied with the device. Alternatively, if you want to set it up on a tabletop, this can be done by using a plastic kickstand which is snapped in. Many people opt to wall mount the Mohu Blade, as the detachable coaxial cable connects to the back of the antenna, so this setup would avoid the kickstand being unsteady. To avoid this problem, though, Mohu have thought ahead and included an elbow connector. If you want to install the Blade outside, this is also possible, but be aware that the antenna does not feature a waterproof cable connector. For those set on installing their antenna on their back porch, this problem could easily be worked around with some simple DIY tools such as plumber’s putty around the joint.

Setup and installation

Upon receiving the Mohu Blade, you’ll get a box with a cardboard shell to protect it. Inside this box is all the equipment necessary for setup, such as the Blade itself, a coax L-bend adapter, a USB power cord, a USB to AC adapter, wall mounting equipment, a kickstand and a 10-foot coaxial cable.

There are several ways to set up the Blade. Perhaps the easiest is setting it onto a flat surface, such as under your TV, and within range of an AC or USB outlet. It’s possible to lay the Blade flat or prop it up with the kickstand. You could also wall mount the Blade if you find that better reception is gained that way. If you’re running cable through walls or behind furniture, this is where the L-bend adapter can be useful, but it isn’t necessary to use this part of the package if you don’t need to.

To boost the reception with the Mohu Blade, this device relies on a USB power cable. This works well in conjunction with a computer or AirTV; otherwise, you can use the AC adapter. However, due to the omnidirectional design, there shouldn’t be too much effort required to get reception, as it doesn’t need to be facing the nearest broadcast tower.

Performance, available channels and pricing

The Mohu Blade covers a range of 50 miles, meaning that you can access high definition OTA – or over the air – channels without the need for a cable or satellite subscription. Typical channels which become available through using this device include Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC, Univision, PBS and many more. The antenna is designed to receive UHF and VHF channels, so you can expect to receive most major and independent networks and stations from your local TV market.

The main benefit of using an HD TV antenna is that free, crystal clear channels can be received on the equipment and broadcast to your screen. In other words, free channels will be accessible, and this doesn’t include paid channels such as ESPN and Fox News. The antenna has been designed based on advanced US military TV antenna technology, and comes from those who made the original HD antenna for TV.

Furthermore, the Mohu Blade features first-stage amplification technology, meaning that the amplifier is located next to the indoor antenna. This results in the loss created by the coaxial cable being mitigated, leading to less pixelation when it comes to the picture quality on your screen.  This antenna can support uncompressed HD, up to 1080HD and is 4K ready. It is priced on Amazon at $39.95, but is sometimes reduced to prices such as $29.54.


The Mohu Blade is a solid choice for those looking for an HD TV antenna. In lieu of satellite and cable services, cord cutters can set up this antenna in a myriad of ways to gain access to a plethora of TV channels. Furthermore, its muted gray block design makes it easy to slot this piece of equipment into your home, whether it’s under the TV, propped on a table or outside. Overall, with its one year warranty, low price and 50 mile range, this device is well worth considering.

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