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Price 9 out of 10

Interface 7.5 out of 10

Compatibility 9.2 out of 10

New Shows 8 out of 10

Pluto TV is a free streaming service packed with live channels. It’s comparable, although not entirely similar to, skinny bundles such as Sling TV and PlayStation Vue. However, these services offer live television networks at a price. The way Pluto TV manages to be free is by supplementing its content with its own Pluto TV channels. When the service first launched, the channel selection was almost entirely from their own creation. There are some familiar channels now on the list, such as Sky News, CBSN, CNBC, IGN and Bloomberg Television. Furthermore, there are choices from brands such as Nerdist, known for their YouTube videos and podcasts.

This streaming service works on a range of devices. For example, you can use Pluto TV on Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku and Amazon Fire TV. If you want to use a smart TV, options include Samsung, Vizio and Sony. Alternatively, you can use your Windows or Mac computer and navigate through channels using the in-browser app. Finally, if you’re on a mobile device, you can use Android or iOS. 

Content available on Pluto TV

There are over 100 different channels available with Pluto TV. While a lot of these are Pluto TV’s own channels, this doesn’t stop them from having movies and TV shows you’ll recognise. Pluto TV makes deals with content producers such as Lionsgate and MGM, so that they can populate their live channel with this content. This is a different setup from the model seen with pay TV, where studios deal with networks, and networks then deal with the TV service company. That being said, there are some familiar networks such as CNBC and Bloomberg available, plus some outside brands that may not have channels with any competitors, such as Nerdist. 

Here’s a sample of the channels which are available with Pluto TV:

  • What’s On – find out what’s on Pluto TV channels at that moment in time.
  • Live Music Replay – concert and studio footage from various bands and artists.
  • Pluto TV Movies – a channel dedicated to movies.
  • Action Movies – a range of movies tied to this genre can be watched on this channel.
  • Horror 24/7 – the clue is in the name: constant horror movies to get your spine tingling.
  • Classic Movies – all of your old-school favourites, combined into one place for viewing.
  • The Oldies/Dash Indie/Fuego – musical channels, which offer audio only.
  • Pluto TV Sports – Pluto TV’s flagship sports network for game and match enthusiasts.
  • Funny AF – laugh out loud with Pluto TV’s main comedy channel.
  • THC/Eye Candy – content for Pluto TV viewers who are under the influence.
  • Classic Toons – watch the best in old school cartoons.
  • Food TV – as the name suggests, get ready to watch some food.
  • NASA TV – if you want to actually see Pluto, turn to this Pluto TV channel.
  • People TV – the best in life and style content is available on this channel.

While the above are Pluto TV channels, there are some well known brands which air on the platform too. These include The Onion, Cracked, IGN, Nerdist, CBSN, NBC News, CNBC and Bloomberg Television.

Channels are separated into various categories for easy navigation. While there are standard sections such as News, Sports, Entertainment, Comedy and Movies, there are also topics designed for an internet friendly audience, such as Chill Out, Life & Style and Geek & Gaming. The sports coverage isn’t as conventional as you’d find on paid-for TV bundles, but there are choices such as Impact Wrestling, Glory Kickboxing, the Big Sky Network, Fight and World Poker Tour. If you want classic entertainment shows, enjoy titles such as Thunderbirds and Dennis the Menace. Wipeout is a network which exclusively shows content from this game show, and Nosey features reruns of classics such as Jerry Springer and Maury. You can get stuck into the Curiosity section and explore Science TV, Docu TV, Xive TV and a livestream of NASA. Pluto TV Sitcoms is a channel which offers older comedies such as 3rd Rock from the Sun, and Pluto TV Cine is a Spanish language offering.

Furthermore, there are other channels dedicated to specific genres such as Stand Up, which is dedicated to purely stand up comedy, and Anime All Day, plus a channel dedicated to ‘fails’. You can also watch Pluto TV Travel, Cats 24/7 and Slow TV, which shows the viewer relaxing images.

If you want to listen to the radio, you can make use of the service provided by Dash Radio, which you can also experience as an individual service without Pluto TV. You can listen to both older genres like classic rock, soul and jazz, plus a mixture of electronic music, hip-hop and pop.

When it comes to on-demand content, the majority of this is in the form of movies. The service promises new movies on a weekly basis, so it’s hard to make a solid guess at what may be available at any particular point in time. Simply load up the service to see what’s available.

Standard Plan

1 month

Price, trials and subscriptions

Pluto TV is completely free of charge – you can simply load up the website on your browser and be presented with TV channels to navigate through right away. The same goes for loading up one of the apps – there’s no need to sign up for an account or part with any cash. 

The service is ad-supported, which means you could watch commercials in between switching channels, or have a few minutes’ worth before watching content immediately upon loading it up. There are also the usual commercial breaks as directed by the streaming TV channels, and it’s likely you could see the same selection of ads a number of times. Fortunately, they are relatively short, not being more than 30 seconds long on average.


One of the main competitors with Pluto TV is Netflix, and the main factors to consider are cost and content. Of course, Netflix requires a paid subscription, but you’re paying for a large and varied content library with more recently released films available, plus a host of top notch original programming and numerous genres to explore. That being said, Pluto TV offers a good range of content you may never have heard of before, allowing you to explore TV and movies off the beaten track. It’s also free, which means if you’re not too choosy about what you can find in a content library, Pluto TV could be a great choice for you.


Pluto TV is an innovative solution for cord cutters who want to enjoy streaming services and not deal with the hassle of a cable or satellite setup. Furthermore, it caters to people who may be on a budget, or looking for hyper focused channels which provide for a specific niche. For example, you may like to watch Pluto TV if you’re looking for a free NASA stream, cats on camera or old school comedy classics. The radio station is a nice touch, especially as it can be enjoyed as a standalone service. Probably the most appealing feature is the fact that users can simply load up the app or web browser without needing to worry about signing up for an account or spending any money. While there are ads to sit through from time to time, this seems like a small price to pay, considering the range of content you can easily access without paying a penny.

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