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Price 8 out of 10

Interface 7.5 out of 10

Compatibility 9.2 out of 10

New Shows 9 out of 10

Showtime is a premium channel which has now become a strong competitor in the streaming services industry, like its rival HBO. As a large and well-known content giant, Showtime provides original series, standalone programming and compatibility with many devices. Originally, Showtime was known for creating high quality television and licensing hit movies. However, since then, it has branched out to become known for much more, including hit originals such as Ray Donovan and Homeland.

There are many streaming platforms and devices which can be used with Showtime. For example, Fire TV, Apple TV and Android TV will work, as will Chromecast and Roku. If you want to use a video game console, you can go for Xbox One, and the mobile device options include Android and iOS devices. Furthermore, Amazon Fire phones and tablets are compatible, as are iPads. Samsung and LG smart TVs will work, and so will the in-browser app for Windows, Mac and more.

Content available on Showtime

No matter where you are within the United States, you can enjoy live TV with Showtime. There is either Showtime East, which is Showtime broadcast for the Eastern time zone, and Showtime West, which is the same channel but delayed by three hours for the Pacific time zone. It’s easy to switch between channels wherever you reside, providing you have a high speed internet connection, so you don’t have to miss your top shows.

Shows premiering on live TV are mostly available for on-demand viewing within the app at the same time. Exceptions can include documentary series covering current events, sports series and boxing events, which may take between 24 and 36 hours to become available on the Showtime apps. Here’s an overview of the kinds of content you can expect on Showtime:

TV series

  • Action: A four-part docu-series which looks into the legalization of sports gambling and how it’s had an impact on the gambling community. See this industry through the eyes of bookies, oddsmakers and professional gamblers as they experience the effects of legalization.
  • The Affair: Documents the emotional effects that an affair has on Noah, a teacher and novelist, and Alison, a waitress who is trying to build her life back up again after a tragic event.
  • Billions: US attorney Chuck Rhoades and hedge fund genius Bobby Axelrod are at war with each other, each person using their intelligence, power and influence in an effort to come out on top.
  • Black Monday: Viewers take a trip back in time to October 19, 1987 – the day of the worst stock market crash in history. This is a comedy series which examines how a group of outsiders took on the Wall Street club.
  • The Chi: A drama series about a group of working class African Americans living on the turbulent southside of Chicago. This coming of age show is a reminder of how strong the human spirit is, and that hope will never die.
  • The Circus: A documentary series which explores the Trump era of presidential politics and takes a look at the stories behind the headlines people read and hear in the media.


  • Showtime Championship Boxing: See the full experience, with the biggest names fighting in the ring at Showtime Championship Boxing. 
  • Quiet Storm: The Ron Artest Story: Historically speaking, no American athlete was able to return to the world of professional sports after a mental health disorder. That is, until Ron Artest, who is now known globally as Metta World Peace.
  • Shut Up and Dribble: This is a documentary series in three parts which explores the modern history of the NBA. Basketball players have been able to make their own political statements and bring about social change by taking control of their futures. 
  • Cradle of Champions: New York’s Daily News Golden Gloves is the oldest, biggest and most important amateur boxing tournament in the world. This is the story of three people preparing for the ultimate fight.
  • Love Means Zero: A documentary which is focused on Nick Bollettieri, the man who coached a generation of tennis champions at his academy. However, his marriage, finances and relationships suffered at the cost of this success.
  • The Resurgence: Demarcus Cousins: This documentary chronicles the journey of DeMarcus Cousins during his recovery from an injury which would mark the end of a career for some NBA players.

Standard Plan

1 month

Annual Plan

12 months

Site navigation

Users browsing Showtime on the web will find that the interface is minimalistic and well organised. The dark background makes the color scheme useful for viewing content at night. Navigating to the top right hand side of the screen will allow you to access your profile settings. This enables changes to settings such as billing preferences, viewing restrictions and opting out of notification emails sent by Showtime. Clicking on the grid icon will take you to a hidden menu on the right where you can view the content lists called My List and Recently Watched. If you want to add a show to your list, all you have to do is click the Add to My List button on a  particular episode or movie page.

You will be able to see all of Showtime’s available content across the top of the screen, and it is sorted into categories such as Series, Movies, Comedy, Reality/Docs, Sports, After Hours, Live and Coming Soon. Hovering over items will enable the selection of certain shows or genres from the dropdown menu. Alternatively, you can head to the landing page to browse all of the available titles.

When browsing Showtime on a mobile device, you will find there is a menu area for app settings, My List and search. Within the dedicated settings section, you can update your account information, set up viewing restrictions, control video playback preferences and view your subscription details. The app is divided into three sections – home, categories and live TV. With the home section, you can view content which is currently available for watching, as well as Showtime events which are coming up. 

Pricing, trials and subscriptions

There are many providers you can choose from for signing up with Showtime. These include DirecTV Now, FuboTV, PlayStation Vue, Sling, Smart TVs, Xbox One, YouTube TV and Showtime itself. Prices vary according to which provider you sign up through, but signing up directly with the site will give you seven days of free access, followed by a $10.99 a month subscription. This will give you access to top TV series, as well as exclusive movies, sports, comedy specials, documentaries and more. It’s also possible for users to download episodes and movies to their mobile devices to watch offline later. If you want to pay for an annual subscription, this will cost $109.90 a year, which provides users with a saving of 15% and the equivalent of two free months. 


Showtime offers users a comprehensive content library with a minimalistic interface and a range of personalised options. Well known series, hit movies and original programming is available with this well-known brand, and users are guaranteed to enjoy using the streaming service.

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