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Price 9 out of 10

Interface 7.5 out of 10

Compatibility 9.2 out of 10

New Shows 8 out of 10

NHL.TV is a league streaming service with similarities to MLB.TV and the NBA. It was formerly known as the NHL GameCenter Live, and its offering is live out-of-market games from the NHL’s regular season. If you’re a hockey fan, NHL.TV is the go-to option for catching all the latest content during the season. Run by the NHL, this service lets fans stream all regular-season games, excepting those which are covered by local or national TV broadcasts, completely live.

There are many ways you can access NHL.TV. For example, if you want to use a streaming platform or device, there’s Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV or Roku. Compatible video game consoles include the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Meanwhile, if you want to stream on a mobile device, you can do so with Android and iOS. Finally, there are in-browser apps available for Windows, Mac and more.

Content available with NHL.TV

The basic premise behind NHL.TV is allowing users to view streams of games which aren’t available through a usual cable or satellite package in their location. This generally refers to regular season games which are out of market. To find out whether a game will be available on NHL.TV, consider whether the game is on national TV, such as Wednesday night NBC games or all playoff games. This means it won’t be on NHL.TV. Similarly, if there’s a game which involves an NHL team with TV rights in your local market, it will most likely be airing on a regional sports network in the region in which you reside – in other words, not on NHL.TV. This leaves live-regular season games which are on air in every market except for your location. 

There are many ways to stream games with NHL.TV. Users can stream either the home or away broadcast for each game, and the service also provides in-goal cameras. There are usually audio-only feeds available for games, although the video can’t be paired with it. Games can be replayed from earlier in the season, as well as from previous seasons. This feature isn’t available on mobiles, however. When it comes to replays, there are markers in the progress bar which show highlights you might like to skip to. 

When NHL.TV refers to blackouts, this means that you won’t be able to view a game if it’s being televised in your local market. NHL.TV has a useful online tool which enables users to find out which team’s games won’t be available for them to watch. Games will also be blacked out if they’re being nationally televised on a network, and this also applies to games that are broadcast on the NHL network. 

Another feature available with NHL.TV is the NHL Vault. This is a collection of classic NHL games which are available to stream as part of a user subscription. If you only want to explore the NHL Vault, you can purchase a separate subscription which doesn’t include NHL.TV. The games selection features titles without the commercials or stoppages, so you can easily watch flowing content that doesn’t have any interruptions.

Other features available with NHL.TV include:

  • Watch on the go – You can watch games on your tablet or phone, which makes it easier to stay up to date while you’re out and about or commuting to work
  • Enjoy live games – Getting stuck into the action live means you’ll enjoy the thrill of seeing a game play out, knowing it’s unfolding in real time
  • Skip through highlights – If you want to see some of the top moments from a game, you can skip to the highlights and remind yourself of the most exciting parts
  • High quality video available – There is 60fps (frames per second) live streaming video available with select tablets and phones
  • Choose your announcer – Select the home or away broadcast to view the video from the perspective of the team play-by-play you want to hear
  • Control the action – If you’ve missed a goal, hit or save, make the most of DVR controls by pausing and rewinding live games
  • View multiple games – Watch more than one game at once if there are several going on in the League. With Mosaic View, you can watch up to four games at once
  • Enjoy additional camera angles – There are up to five alternate camera angles, including a zipline aerial cam and two cameras located over the goal. You can even use first-person ref cam to enjoy a slice of the action in the most direct way possible

How to sign up with NHL.TV

  1. Navigate to the NHL.TV website.
  2. Click on the orange Subscribe button.
  3. Select the plan which best suits your viewing preferences.
  4. Create an account by entering your email address and a password.
  5. Select your favorite team from the drop-down list to customize your experience.
  6. Enter your city, state and zip code.
  7. Enter your payment details.
  8. Select the available options if you’re eligible for a military or student discount.
  9. Click on the orange Subscribe to NHL.TV button.

How to cancel NHL.TV

NHL.TV allows subscriptions to be cancelled online at any time. There are no cancellation fees involved and subscription fees will not be charged after the date of your cancellation. Refunds are not made for partial months or unused sections of an annual subscription. Refunds are made if a user cancels within five days of their initial purchase, or the annual automatic renewal date during the next NHL season. 

To cancel your subscription, log into your NHL.TV account and head to the My Account section. In your account settings, click on the cancel button, then follow the instructions. Alternatively, you can contact customer support by emailing [email protected] or calling 800-559-2333.

Price, trials and subscription options

There are two types of subscription – a full subscription and a single team subscription. With a full subscription, you’ll gain access to all of the live games available to view through the service in your region, while with the single team subscription, you can watch one particular team’s live out of market and regular season games throughout the season. 

If you subscribe for a year of NHL.TV, you’ll pay $139.99. Alternatively, the monthly subscription is $24.99. A single team package isn’t available as a monthly option, but you can pay $109.99 for a yearly subscription.


NHL.TV is a comprehensive streaming service for hockey fans. Whether you have a particular team you want to track throughout a season, or you want unlimited access to a range of content during prime time, this is a great choice. Although subject to blackout conditions, having access to a wide range of games, plus bonus features such as DVR controls and additional camera angles, makes the whole experience much more immersive. With competitively priced annual and monthly subscriptions, you can sign up for the option which suits you best, and select your favorite team for a customised experience. Furthermore, features such as the NHL Vault make for a hockey fan’s paradise, as you can browse older content and relive some of your favorite moments from the past. There is clear flexibility seen here with the option to purchase a subscription to just the Vault, with no need for an NHL.TV subscription if you simply want access to the old-school content. Overall, NHL.TV is a fantastic option for those who love the world of hockey.

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