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Price 9 out of 10

Interface 7.5 out of 10

Compatibility 9.2 out of 10

New Shows 8 out of 10

CuriosityStream is a streaming service which focuses on documentaries – hence the name, which implies it is a stream for curious minds. You can choose from a vast library of on-demand content, paying a subscription in order to access the material. It’s known as a niche streaming service, as it only focuses on one genre.

It’s possible to sign up for CuriosityStream directly through their website. Alternatively, you can purchase the service as an add on subscription within Amazon Prime. This means that you can view the available content whenever you are logged into Amazon Prime Video.

Pros and Cons


Offers offline viewing. Users can stream on the go by downloading documentaries to their mobile device beforehand.

Value for money. Streamers won’t have to part with a large sum of cash to gain access per month or year.

Compatible with many devices. There’s no need to worry about whether the platform will work on a TV, phone or tablet.


Difficult to cancel. Customers have complained online that it can be hard to work out how to cancel their subscription.

Sign-in issues. Some people have claimed that signing in doesn’t work for a while after first signing up.

Technical problems. Online reviews include complaints that there are buffering and freezing problems while streaming content.

Top CuriosityStream TV shows and movies

Speed – This four hour documentary examines the history of human transportation and takes a look at how inventors overcame the odds to create new ways of travelling. Hosted by Sean Riley, this show explores various continents, the skies, the ocean and space to demonstrate how humans have managed to create ways to travel for pleasure, work, exploration and survival.

The Body – This is a three part series where scientists go inside the body to explore the invisible networks that connect every organ. The discoveries go against older beliefs which state that the brain is the center of activity, controlling the other organs by sending out commands between them. This journey looks at the latest research in the field from world leading experts.

Wild Chile – Safari guide Rene Araneda and oceanographer Susannah Buchan take viewers on a journey through Chile, where they search for traces of the most unbelievable animals. The two part series allows watchers to see some of the most awe-inspiring locations in this destination, while the two hosts search for animals such as the elusive puma and the blue whale.

Out of the Cradle – Those interested in the story of human evolution will want to watch this documentary. It challenges the popular belief that humans followed a single path from chimps to mankind. Instead, the species we descended from were far from the strongest, and were actually pretty weak. This show explores how evolution saw some amazing comebacks.

Stephen Hawking’s Favorite Places – Stephen Hawking is the star of the show as he narrates this series, which involves him piloting a CGI spaceship called the SS Hawking across the Universe. He pauses at his favorite places and talks about how each one has a particular scientific significance. For example, episode 1 sees Hawking take viewers to the Big Bang, Saturn and Santa Barbara, California.

The Rise and Fall of T-Rex – This is a show designed for dinosaur fans, or those who are curious about the prehistoric world in general. Many will know that the T-Rex, also known as the tyrant lizard king, ruled the earth 65 million years ago. The creature is seen as the ultimate predator in popular culture today and is the stereotypical image of a dinosaur. This documentary explores the mystery of the animal’s sudden death.

Man’s First Friend – Many people describe dogs as man’s best friend, but they are also known as man’s oldest friend. In history, they have a place by our sides protecting us from enemies, guiding us through extreme conditions and rescuing us from perilous situations. This documentary looks at how dogs came about and their journey through time to their role now, relieving loneliness and helping with old age.

Enigma Man: A Stone Age Mystery – Those who are interested in the prehistoric history of mankind will want to watch Enigma Man. The show sees a team of Chinese and Australian scientists discover ancient human remains in a cave in South West China. Their confusion stems from the fact that the bones are unlike any living or ancient human known to science, yet they were alive at the same time as humans matching our own genetic DNA.

Hubble’s Imager – Those fascinated with space will enjoy watching this documentary about the Hubble Space Telescope. It takes a look at how scientists put together the photos taken by this technology, in order to gain the amazing pictures. It also shows viewers the production that goes into creating the final images from Hubble.

Deep Time History – This three part series is hosted by Jonathan Markley, an associate professor at California State University. He looks at the answers behind why civilisation as we know it is in existence today, exposing information which is sometimes unexpected. He looks at how deep time has been part of key events in human history and how physics, geology, biology and chemistry have influenced world history.

User interface

To view the content on CuriosityStream, you can browse according to a number of categories. These are science, history, technology, nature, society, lifestyle and kids. Upon clicking one of these, a list of documentaries which matches this category will show up. This means it’s easy to find exactly the kind of documentary you want, and you can also use the search bar to find content you’re curious about. The home pages have rows of titles categorised according to Trending, Recently Added and more. If you’re on a mobile app, you can tap Explore to filter by types of content such as lectures or performances. Furthermore, you can find out more about the experts who help in the creation of documentaries, such as the filmmakers.

How to watch/setup requirements

Devices which are compatible with CuriosityStream are:

  • Laptops, desktops, PCs and Macs using modern web browsers
  • Amazon Kindle (2014 and above)
  • Amazon Fire TV Stick/Amazon Fire TV (version 5.0 and above)
  • Roku 2, Roku 3, Roku 4, Roku TV, Roku Streaming Stick (version 8.1 and above)
  • Google Chromecast via Chrome browser, Android or iOS
  • Chrome extension
  • Android devices (version 4.1 and above)
  • Android TV (Android version 5.0 and above)
  • Apple iPhone, iPod, iPad (iOS 11 and above)
  • Apple TV (3rd generation and below via AirPlay)
  • Apple TV 4th Generation HD, 4K Apple TV
  • Xbox One
  • Smart TV Market apps (2016 and above) – LG, Samsung, Sony TV, Android TV, TiVo, VIZIO

How to cancel CuriosityStream

Depending on the method in which you signed up for CuriosityStream, the cancellation process will be different. For example, if you signed up for the service through Amazon Prime TV, you will need to cancel it in your Amazon account. If you signed up directly, follow these steps.

  1. Navigate to the CuriosityStream website.
  2. Sign in to your account.
  3. Go to the Your Account page.
  4. Click on Cancel.
  5. Confirm the prompts which show up.

Plans, trials and subscription options

The most popular CuriosityStream plan is the monthly subscription, which is available for $2.99 a month. Alternatively, the yearly plan costs $19.99.

There are 4K options available too. The monthly price is $9.99, and the yearly cost is $69.99.

There is usually some form of trial available. For example, Prime Video has been known to offer the platform with a 30 day free trial for those signing up to it as a premium channel.


There are many competitors in the streaming service industry. These include Netflix, Hulu, Hayu, Crackle, ESPN Plus, Kodi, Philo and Plex. However, the good thing about CuriosityStream is that it offers a range of interesting documentaries at a price which is much lower than that seen with all in one services. If you prefer watching factual television, this is the service for you.

Is CuriosityStream worth it?

There are many competitive features on offer with CuriosityStream. A good range of content, low pricing and various bundle options make it appeal to lots of people. There are some original programmes in place, and while it still has some catching up to do if it wants to compete with the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, it’s still a good niche contender for those who only want to watch a specific kind of program.

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  1. Kevin G

    I have a free service, it comes with my cable provider.
    Only problem is “Some” content constantly freezes, every second.
    1 second on 4 seconds off and on and on, it is NOT buffering, hundreds of people have complained about this so you would think there would be more advice by now than “Get an Apple TV”
    It happens to literally 30 % of their content.
    Fortunately there is a ton of content

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