Fans of The Big Bang Theory have most likely checked out the spin-off series, Young Sheldon. This show takes a trip back in time to Sheldon Cooper’s childhood, where he is a nine year old boy living in East Texas and attending high school due to his advanced intelligence. Young Sheldon is played by Iain Armitage, and Jim Parson – the actor who plays the adult Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory – is both the narrator and an executive producer. This show has been around for three seasons, with 65 episodes available to stream at the time of writing. 


The main premise behind Young Sheldon is that Sheldon is a young boy going to high school in a small town in East Texas. He struggles with fitting into a world where people aren’t sure how to handle either his intelligence or his lack of social skills. At the age of nine, he has already decided he wants to pursue an interest in theoretical physics – and he feels he is superior to everyone else due to his advanced levels of intelligence. Mary Cooper, Sheldon’s mother who is seen in The Big Bang Theory, is also seen in the show in her familiar role as a devout Christian mother figure.

Cast and characters

  • Sheldon Cooper – Iain Armitage
  • Mary Cooper – Zoe Perry
  • George Cooper Sr – Lance Barber
  • George ‘Georgie’ Cooper Jr – Montana Jordan
  • Melissa ‘Missy’ Cooper – Raegan Revord
  • Adult voice of Sheldon Cooper – Jim Parsons
  • Constance ‘Connie’ Tucker – Annie Potts
  • Pastor Jeffrey ‘Jeff’ Hodgkins-Difford – Matt Hobby
  • Tam Nguyen – Ryan Phuong
  • John Sturgis – Wallace Shawn
  • Billy Sparks – Wyatt McClure
  • Herschel Sparks – Billy Gardell
  • Brenda Sparks – Melissa Peterman
  • Assistant Coach Wilkins – Doc Farrow
  • Victoria MacElroy – Valerie Mahaffey
  • Evelyn Ingram – Danielle Pinnock
  • Hubert Givens – Brian Stepanek
  • Tom Petersen – Rex Linn
  • Sheryl Hitchens – Sarah Baker
  • Peg – Nancy Linehan Charles
  • Trang Nguyen – VyVy Nguyen
  • Veronica Duncan – Isabel May
  • Dale Ballard – Craig T Nelson
  • Glenn – Chris Wylde
  • Paige Swanson – Mckenna Grace
  • Linda Swanson – Andrea Anders
  • Dr Linkletter – Ed Begley Jr
  • Officer Robin – Mary Grill
  • Jana – Ava Allan

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