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Price 9 out of 10

Interface 7.5 out of 10

Compatibility 9.2 out of 10

New Shows 8 out of 10

Once upon a time, fuboTV focused on streaming sports, with its strength being soccer, but now it offers multiple channels with competitive prices and skinny bundles. There are 24 hour feeds of live networks available, which is a feature that was included in the original service that specialised in soccer matches. After their first launch directed at soccer fans, the service relaunched as a bundle which focused on a general interest audience. It still had a heavier tinge of soccer and other sports, and it remained in beta for a long period, but now it has officially left this phase and is fully available for cord cutters.

With fuboTV you can enjoy a wide range of platform support, which means it’s unlikely you’ll need to find an alternative device compared to the one you regularly use. An added plus is that you can watch fuboTV on the go with a mobile device, and if you would prefer to kick back and relax at home with the TV, you can stream the service this way too. Those who want to use a web browser can easily do this, or you can watch fuboTV channels on your tablet. In other words, you can use an Android TV, Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku or Chromecast if you have one of these, or you can go for streaming via Android and iOS mobile devices. PCs, Macs and other computers will work if you want to stream fuboTV in a browser app, too, so you are spoilt for choice.

Channels available on fuboTV

This is a skinny bundle on offer for fuboTV customers with most of the channels you would expect to be available. For example, you can enjoy news from CNN, FOX News and more. Networks include TNT, TBS and AMC. Sports networks such as NBCSN and FS1 are part of the package, and there’s Cartoon Network available for the kids. Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect:

  • FXM – Watch classic movies that have stood the test of time, along with the top Hollywood blockbusters.
  • SyFy – Videos and shows centered around the worlds of sci-fi, fantasy, horror and comics.
  • E! – Enjoy the best of pop culture, from celebrity news to the latest trends and scandals, direct to your screen.
  • Fox Soccer Plus – A sports channel dedicated to football and rugby, so fans can get their fix whenever they need it.
  • Fox College Sports – As the name suggests, enjoy a plethora of college sports on this channel, owned by Fox Sports Networks.
  • NFL Network – Owned by the National Football League, this channel airs college football, high school football, the Arena Football League and more, plus telecasts and preseason coverage.
  • NBCSN – After a merger with NBC Sports, this channel began airing hockey, motorsports, soccer, mixed martial arts and more, plus events coverage such as the Olympics.
  • TNT – Enjoy feature films and television series with a focus on drama, with some sports such as All Elite Wrestling and NBA games.

How to sign up for fuboTV

  1. Navigate to the homepage and click on ‘Start your free trial’. 
  2. Enter your postal code. If your location can be detected by your device, this will be entered automatically, and you can change it if it’s incorrect.
  3. Enter your email and create a password. Make it difficult to guess, which means including a mixture of letters, numbers and special characters.
  4. Be aware that pressing ‘Continue’ means you agree to the terms and conditions, and agree to receive promotional emails – then click the icon.
  5. Choose a package. You can go for Fubo Standard, Ultra, Family or Family Deluxe. The benefits of each package will be listed, so you know what’s included. If you’re a new customer, you will be able to watch 7 days free with no commitment and the option to cancel anytime.
  6. Add premium channels or upgraded features.
  7. Enter your card details and click on ‘Start watching fuboTV’ to process the payment and complete your purchase. You now have access to your selected library of content.

How to cancel fuboTV

  1. Click on ‘Menu’, located in the top right of the page.
  2. Click on ‘My Account’, which should be the first option on the drop down list.
  3. Click on ‘Subscription and Billing’, located on the left hand side.
  4. Scroll down, then click on ‘Cancel Subscription’. 
  5. Select your reason for cancelling. Reasons include ‘I experienced technical issues’ or ‘You don’t have channels I want’. 
  6. Click ‘Cancel my trial’ when a popup appears asking if you’re sure you want to lose access to fuboTV.
  7. If you have paid for a month of service, your subscription will end once the current billing period is over.

Price, trials and subscription options

7 day trial

You can try out the services offered with fuboTV for seven days before deciding if you’d like to continue with a subscription. If you decide you don’t want to pay for a package, you can cancel your account using the steps above. However, if you can get your entertainment fix with fuboTV, then let the trial expire and move on to a paid bundle.

Plans and packages

  • Fubo Standard ($54.99 a month): Referred to as the classic base package, this features 101 channels with over 130 events in 4K, 30 hours of space on Cloud DVR and 2 screens at once.
  • Ultra ($79.99 a month): There are several benefits to enjoy with this package, such as 163 channels with over 130 events in 4K, 500 hours of space on Cloud DVR Plus, Fubo Extra, Sports Plus and Showtime (more about premium channels below).
  • Family ($59.99 a month): Gain access to 101 channels with over 130 events in 4k, 500 hours of space on Cloud DVR Plus and 3 screens at once with Family Share.
  • Family Deluxe ($64.99 a month): Dubbed the most popular package by fuboTV, this bundle includes 131 channels with over 130 events in 4k, 500 hours of space with Cloud DVR Plus, 3 screens at once with Family Share and Fubo Extra, which provides access to 30 entertainment channels. 

Upgraded features

With fuboTV, there are two upgraded features available to add on to your package. With Cloud DVR Plus, you can boost your space to 500 hours, meaning you can record and save all the games, shows and movies you want and keep them for an unlimited time without having to delete them. This add-on costs $3 a month. If you go for the Family Share add-on, this costs $2 a month and allows you to let three people in the family stream the services at once.

Premium channels

There are several premium channels available with fuboTV. Here’s the rundown:

  • Showtime ($10.99 a month): This set allows you access to 9 channels such as Showtime Extreme, Showtime Beyond, Showtime Women and Showtime Family. You can watch original series, boxing, blockbuster movies and more. The entire on-demand library is also available.
  • AMC Premiere ($4.99 a month): Enjoy the latest episodes without ads, plus full seasons to binge on, bonus content, original series and a collection of uncut movies.
  • FX Plus ($5.99 a month): There are over 100 full seasons of FX shows available with this add-on. Additionally, you can watch new episodes right as they air on traditional TV – or just before. 
  • NBA League Pass ($28.99 a month): This pass gives you the ability to watch live out-of-market games throughout the season. You can watch elite NBA players across the league engage in your favourite sports. As a warning, if you add this pass to your plan, you won’t be eligible for a free trial, and your monthly fuboTV subscription will be activated.
  • Fubo Cycling ($11.99 a month): Enjoy live coverage of Giro d’Italia, Flanders Classic and other popular events. There are five additional networks with top quality sports free as part of the bundle, and you can get International Sports Plus without paying any extra.
  • Fubo Extra ($5.99 a month): Enjoy 30 extra channels, which allows you access to movies, news, music and sports. Ideal for the whole family, get the Cooking Channel, BBC World News, Game Show Network and more.
  • International Sports Plus ($5.99 a month): If you’re a fan of international sports, this add-on is for you. With channels such as Fox Soccer Sports, TyC Sports and GOLTV Spanish, you can get live coverage of all the essentials. 
  • Sports Plus ($8.99 a month): 18 additional channels are available with this package, and you can stream the Tennis Channel, Universo and Sports Illustrated TV to name but a few. 
  • Adventure Plus ($4.99 a month): There are six channels of extreme sports, vehicles and other various outdoor activities to watch coverage of with this bundle, with channels including Sportsman Channel, Outdoor Channel and Outside TV. 
  • Latino Plus ($7.99 a month): Spanish-language live sports can be enjoyed with this package, along with shows, documentaries and movies.
  • RAI Italia ($7.99 a month): Italian-speaking subscribers will be able to make the most of matches such as Coppa Italia and Seria A, plus watch shows, movies and news.
  • Portuguese Plus ($14.99 a month): Get your fix of Portuguese-language news, sports and entertainment, with GOITV Spanish thrown in for good measure.


There are many brands out there which offer streaming services, and your choice depends a lot on what your viewing preferences are. If you like to focus on movies and on demand content, you could go for a well-known name such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. But if you want access to the channels seen with traditional TV, you are better off choosing a service such as fuboTV or one of its competitors. If you want to focus more on sports, options include ESPN Plus and NHL.TV. 


It’s clear that fuboTV offers a solid streaming service, with many packages and add-ons available so you can customise a subscription to precisely fit your needs. The 7 day free trial is a nice plus, as you can try out what is available before making a financial commitment. Unlike many TV services out there, you can also cancel the subscription if it’s no longer for you, giving you peace of mind when it comes to your finances.

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