Mr. Robot is a TV show which focuses on the world of hacking and cybersecurity. Elliot Alderson is the main character, who joins a group of hacktivists aiming to destroy all debt records.

The show has aired on USA Network with Sam Esmail behind the creation of its plot. It stars Rami Malek in a role which many say launched his career in the acting world.


The premise of Mr. Robot is pretty unique for a TV show. It follows Elliot Alderson, a man who suffers from depression and personality  disorders. He is a hacker who acts as a vigilante, joining a mysterious group who aims to cancel all consumer debt by hacking and destroying data.

The show has received a great deal of praise for its original concept and deployment of various characters.

Cast and characters

Rami Malek plays Elliot Alderson, the main character of the show. He is a hacker by trade, who unfortunately suffers from a number of mental disorders. While there are a number of additional characters and cast members in the show, Elliot is at the center of all the action.

This show arguably helped to launch Rami Malek’s career, as he went on to star in a number of big films. Notably, he played Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody; a role which landed him the Academy Award for Best Actor.

Additional characters include Elliot’s sister Darlene, played by Carly Chalking. Meanwhile, Christian Slater plays Mr. Robot, the leader of the group who recruits Elliot to help them with their activities. Slater is also a producer on the show.

Filming locations

Unlike many television shows, Mr. Robot was filmed in and around New York. Most TV shows, even those set in this city, are filmed in Los Angeles – the center of television and film in America.

Much of Mr. Robot was filmed at Silvercup Studios as well as Coney Island, which serves as the location for a number of exterior shots.


There are a number of different trailers for Mr. Robot, and these largely comprise previews for upcoming seasons. All of these are available to view on platforms such as YouTube. The most popular of these is the trailer for the first season of the show, which has over 4 million views (at the time of writing). It features clips from the show with narration from the main character, Elliot Alderson. You can also find trailers for other seasons of the show by browsing video streaming platforms.


Mr. Robot was created by Sam Esmail, who serves as both the showrunner and the main writer for many of the show’s episodes. Esmail had wanted to make a film about hacking for around fifteen years, but these ideas ended up becoming the basis for a television show.

As part of the research process, Esmail consulted a number of different experts in hacking and other computer-based fields in order to make Mr. Robot as realistic as possible.

While Mr. Robot was initially intended to be a film, the script became so large that a TV series became a more appropriate idea. The original script was cut down to serve as the pilot for the show, which was picked up by USA Network and ordered for production in July 2014.

The original pilot was successful enough for USA Network to order the first season – comprising ten episodes. This was ordered in December 2014 and renewed for a second season before the first one had even been shown. Esmail has credited a number of other films and shows as influences for Mr. Robot, such as Fight Club and The Matrix.

Many people also enjoy watching Prison Break or The Americans for this reason, as a dark theme and original concept is used for the deployment of these series.

Episodes and reception

Mr. Robot has had four seasons to date. The original season first aired in July 2015 and was made up of 10 episodes. Season three also had ten episodes, while season two had 12 and season 4 had 13. These were all aired on USA Network as well as streaming platforms internationally.

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