Expect to be scared and creeped out by American Horror Story. This horror and thriller show will have you on the edge of your seat. You can binge-watch nine seasons, each with their own story to tell. This is a psychological horror title that tackles difficult but topical ideas. For example, concepts such as sanity, addiction, discrimination and oppression are covered.


American Horror Story has an anthological format, which means that each season will show a different and exciting storyline with new characters. Popular characters who return for most seasons include Sarah Paulson, Lily Rabe and Evan Peters. Each season is filled with drama and horror, with each miniseries being thrilling and thought-provoking. From a haunted house with a dark past to a killer summer camp, each season takes on a new story that is loosely based on real events.

Cast and characters

Most of the cast of American Horror Story appear in more than one season. but due to the nature of the show, they will play a new character in each of those seasons. Here are some of the regular actors you can expect to see:

  • Evan Peters
  • Dylan McDermott
  • Taissa Farmiga
  • Denis O’Hare
  • Jessica Lange
  • Sarah Paulson
  • Lily Rabe
  • Angela Bassett
  • Cheyenne Jackson
  • Billie Lourd

Some other notable actors through the seasons who have played main characters include:

  • Connie Britton
  • Zachary Quinto
  • Joseph Fiennes
  • Lizzie Brocheré
  • Frances Conroy
  • Emma Roberts
  • Kathy Bates
  • Angela Bassett
  • Lady Gaga

Filming locations

Each season was shot in a different location to best reflect the various storylines. For example, the pilot episode was filmed in Country Club Park, Los Angeles. The gothic-style house was the setting of the haunted mansion for the season. The rest of the episodes were shot in a replica house that was built especially for production purposes.

The second season, called Asylum, was themed and set in Massachusetts. However, it was actually filmed in Hidden Valley, Ventura County, California. The third season was filmed and set in New Orleans, as well as the fourth season, despite being set in Jupiter, Florida. The fifth season, which is called Hotel, was built on a set on the Fox lot in Los Angeles, California. The sixth season – Roanoke – was filmed in Santa Clarita, California. Season seven was shot in Orange, California and the eighth season was filmed in multiple locations.


Each season has its own unique, exciting and creepy trailer that gives viewers an idea of what theme they can expect. Of course, being a show in the horror genre, each trailer has a spine-chilling sequence.

In particular, viewers should pay attention to the title sequence of each American Horror Story season. This gives some valuable insights into the plot and about other seasons in the show. For example, the sequence that was used for Murder House showed the basement in the Harmon’s house and viewers could see everything from fetuses in jars to a pair of hedge clippers with blood on them. These images are all relevant to the season.


American Horror Story was created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, with each miniseries season broadcasting on FX. The pair wanted to scare their viewers and loved the horror genre, aspiring to create a show with a unique angle. They wanted every season to tell a different story, and Dante Di Loreto would be the executive producer. It took around one year to create each season.

The title sequence was created by Kyle Cooper and Prologue. Musician Charlie Clouser and sound designer Cesar Davila-Irizarry created the theme music that has become famous because of the show.

Episodes and reception 

There are currently nine seasons of American Horror Story that are available to watch. Each one takes on a new and intriguing story that has thrilled audiences across the world. Let’s check out a short summary for each season.

Season one is called Murder House, and it was first released in 2011. This is an extremely popular season, which focused on the Harmon family as they moved into a new house. While this was supposed to be a fresh start for them after marital problems, the mansion soon has its own story to tell, and an interfering neighborhood became part of the mix. Indeed, the house remained haunted by past residents and this has an effect on the new owners.

Season two is called Asylum and it was first aired in 2012. Just as the name suggests, this season is based around Briarcliff Manor, which used to house the criminally insane in 1964. Viewers can learn about the patients and staff members there, including a serial killer, nymphomaniac and others who believe they do not deserve to be institutionalized. 

Season three is named Coven and it looks at descendants of witches who were survivors from the Salem Witch Trials. Indeed, they have to keep their identity secret as voodoo practitioners and witch hunters are targeting them. The season premiered in 2013.

Season four is all about a traveling freak show in Florida. Of course, the season is called Freak Show and it takes place in 1952. The show follows the lives of those in this show, all wishing to have a normal life. Elsa, who is in charge of the freak show, recruits more entertainers. All is not as it seems in the sleepy town as dark entities are targeting them.

Hotel is the name of season six, and it is all about what happens inside the strange Hotel Cortez in LA. While it was initially built as a torture chamber, it has become a hotel and a string of murders have occurred there. A detective comes to stay in order to investigate these crimes.

To jump ahead slightly, season 10 was confirmed in 2018. In particular, cast members from early seasons are said to be returning for the tenth. Sarah Paulson is believed to be having a lead role, as well as Evan Peters, Lily Rabe and Kathy Bates being featured. There are also rumors that Macaulay Culkin will be joining for season 10. 

The coronavirus pandemic has delayed the filming of American Horror Story, which means that season 10 is likely to be released in 2021. In January 2020, it was announced that there would be three more seasons of American Horror Story to air on FX.

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