Botched is a reality TV show which has proven hugely popular with American viewers. For those who love the world of plastic surgery, this series looks at the worst results from various operations and examines how plastic surgeons Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif remedy them.

The show began airing in 2014, and fans have enjoyed specials such as a reunion show at the end of seasons. There are a number of seasons to start streaming tonight.


The show features the work of two cosmetic surgeons, Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif, who correct plastic surgeries which have gone wrong. Acting as a cautionary tale for many, each episode depicts the “before and after” of each of the plastic surgery cases. 

Cast and characters

Here are a number of the various cast members who have appeared on the show since it began, whether as hosts or patients.

  • Paul Nassif
  • Terry J. Dubrow
  • Rajee Narinesingh
  • Janice Dickinson
  • Hostess – Maria Menounos
  • Glamorous Monique
  • Justin Bieber Double – Toby Sheldon
  • Michelle Romano
  • Phoebe Price
  • Allegra Cole
  • Michelle Blackwell
  • Laurie Francene Kinzer
  • Farrah Laurel Abraham
  • Peter Curti
  • Katella Dash
  • Deena Duos
  • Nicole Eggert
  • Guillermo ‘Caz’ Eiland
  • Dwight Eubanks
  • David Fortier
  • Justin Jedlica
  • Sanna Khan
  • Jacob Kosarian
  • Tania Mehra
  • Heather Elizabeth Parkhurst
  • Tiffany Pollard
  • Lauren Powers
  • Karissa Shannon
  • Kristina Shannon
  • Paula Thebert
  • Antonio Velaz
  • Victor Bowling
  • Elgin Charles
  • Mauricio Galdi
  • Jackée Harry
  • Angelique Morgan
  • Vinny Ohh
  • Kym Whitley
  • Norwood Young
  • Martina Big
  • Shauna Brooks
  • Marcela Iglesias
  • Tawny Kitaen
  • Sidney Starr
  • Andy Sacher
  • Matthew Sanderson
  • Dj Supawmn
  • Oli London
  • Harrison Meloeny
  • Ruth Swissa
  • Ryan Taylor
  • Natalie DeMilo
  • Hailey Grice
  • Koffajuah Toeque
  • Foxy Menagerie Verre

Filming locations

The series is filmed in the offices in which plastic surgeons Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif work. Dr. Paul Nassif has his office in Beverly Hills, California, and Dr. Terry Dubrow has his office in Newport Beach, California. Most of the filming for the show takes place in these two locations. Filming has also taken place in Thousand Oaks, California.


The show received a renewal for a second season in 2014, and this aired a year later. At this point, the series was moved from its Tuesday 9pm time slot to a Sunday 9pm one. A few days before the mid-season finale for the show was broadcast, it received a renewal order for season three. 

The series is produced by Evolution Media. Alex Baskin, Greg Stewart, Douglas Ross, and Mark Herwick serve as the executive producers for the series. It airs on the E! network and has a multiple camera setup. 

The series has also aired three specials which are entitled Botched: Post Op. These three specials were broadcast following regular episodes. Dubrow, Nassif, and actress Heather Dubrow (Dubrow’s wife) served as co hosts for each of these specials. 

The series has spawned a spin-off series consisting of eight episodes which was announced in October 2015. This series was given the title Botched by Nature. It began airing on August 9, 2016. 

Episodes and reception

Botched aired its first episode on June 24, 2014 on the E! network. The series has continued to prove popular to this day. To date, six seasons of the show have aired, with a total of 92 episodes being released to the public. 

  • The first season consisted of 10 episodes. 
  • The second season consisted of 20 episodes. 
  • The third season consisted of 13 episodes. 
  • The fourth season comprised 22 episodes, with 12 episodes being played before a hiatus and 10 episodes being played after the hiatus. 
  • The fifth season consisted of 17 episodes. 
  • The sixth season is thus far composed of 10 episodes, but the season has not yet concluded due to its postponement because of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Each episode features one or more cases of cosmetic surgery which have had negative outcomes. Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow fix these surgeries over the course of the episode. 

For instance, cases from the ten episodes of the first season included the doctors attempting to fix the following: 

  • A woman who has a uni-boob
  • A so-called “human doll”
  • A woman who underwent six rhinoplasties
  • A patient who desires eye-opening surgery
  • A man who has a crooked nose
  • Model Janice Dickinson who has breast implants which need to be redone

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