Doom Patrol is an American TV series based on the DC Comics superhero team. The show made its debut in February 2019, and in July the series was renewed for another season. This will premiere in 2020 on both DC Universe and HBO Max.

The series has been nominated for the Saturn Awards, Imagen Awards, Golden Trailer Awards and American Society of Cinematographers Awards.


Doom Patrol focuses on a team of heroes who went through a tragedy to receive their powers. They are generally outcasts and not accepted by society. Most of them are treated by a medical doctor called the Chief, who lets them live in his mansion so they can be protected by the outside world.

Characters include Jane, the main personality of a woman living with dissociative identity disorder, Larry, who has a negative energy being inside him, and Cliff, whose brain was put inside a robot body after a car accident.

Cast and characters

  • Jane – Diane Guerrero
  • Rita Farr/Gertrude Cramp – April Bowlby
  • Eric Morden/Mr Nobody – Alan Tudyk
  • Larry Trainor – Matt Bomer/Matthew Zuk
  • Cliff Steele – Brendan Fraser/Riley Shanahan
  • Niles Caulder/The Chief – Timothy Dalton
  • Victor ‘Vic’ Stone/Cyborg – Joivan Wade
  • Sheryl Trainor – Julie McNiven
  • John Bowers – Kyle Clements
  • Silas Stone – Phil Morris
  • Ezekiel – Curtis Armstrong
  • Steve Larson/Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man – Alec Mapa
  • Elinor Stone – Charmin Lee
  • Joshua Clay – Alimi Ballard
  • Ernest Franklin/Beard Hunter – Tommy Snider
  • Darren Jones – Jon Briddell
  • Flex Mentallo – Devan Chandler Long


Season One

Episode One – Pilot

The setting is Paraguay in 1948 and Eric Morden is taking part in an experiment run by ex Nazi scientist Heinrich von Fuchs which will turn him into a meta human. In Florida in 1948, Clifford Steele is in a car crash during a NASCAR race, but Dr Niles Caulder transfers his brain into a robotic body seven years later. Rita Farr and Larry Trainor are living with him. Present day sees them still in the mansion, along with Jane. Jane convinces the gang to go into town while Caulder is away. Rita becomes upset and her form changes, wreaking havoc. Caulder tells them to flee, as their actions will attract the enemies he’s been hiding from. Caulder is confronted by Morden, who opens a vortex.

Episode Two – Donkey Patrol

Morden takes Caulder into the vortex. Jane follows, and then the vortex consumes the town of Cloverton. Rita goes back to the manor to wait for Caulder. Larry tries to leave, but his negative energy being won’t let him. Victor ‘Vic’ Stone hears about Cloverton’s destruction and goes there to see what’s happening. Morden’s donkey spits out Jane, but Cliff can’t get any information about what happened out of her. Rita reluctantly agrees to go to the gateway through the donkey’s mouth. Larry and Vic are also sucked in, and Morden then tortures them with fantasies to hinder their search for Caulder.

Episode Three – Puppet Patrol

Vic gets the others to go on a road trip to Paraguay in the hope that they can find Caulder by learning about what went down in 1948. They find out that Caulder was there when Von Fuchs turned Morden into Mr Nobody. Steve goes through Von Fuch’s enhancement procedure and becomes a metahuman.

Episode Four – Cult Patrol

Willoughby Kipling shows up at Doom Manor to get Caulder’s help with preventing the end of the world. But when he discovers he’s gone, he gets the team to provide assistance instead. Kipling gets them to abduct an 18 year old man called Elliott – who is the link to the Cult of the Unwritten Book’s attempt to summon an inter dimensional entity called the Decorator who will bring about the end of the world. Kipling sends Cliff and Jane to a priest who has wounds that act as a gateway to the lost city of Nurnheim, but they are drawn through it and captured before she can sew them shut. The high priestess of Nurnheim sends measures to fetch Elliott. The cult begins and a giant glowing eye appears in the sky.

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