If you like dark TV shows, you will love Gotham. This series combines action and crime – with characters from the DC Comics to boot.

You know the quality will be high when a series is produced by Warner Bros Television, and the good news is that Gotham is one of those shows.

Notably, the characters of James Gordon and Bruce Wayne from the Batman franchise are focused on, with the earlier days of these figures acting as plotlines.

Initially airing on Fox, the show was renewed a number of times until the fifth and final season ended in April 2019.


When you begin watching this series, you will see James Gordon and Harvey Bullock working on crimes which are taking place across Gotham.

As a backdrop, the criminal underworld is beginning to raise its ugly head after Thomas Wayne and Martha have been murdered, leaving their son Bruce behind.

The seasons progress until the fourth instalment sees Bruce going around the streets of Gotham at night wearing a mask and carrying out his own brand of justice.

Cast and characters

  • Ben McKenzie – James Gordon
  • Donal Logue – Harvey Bullock
  • David Mazouz – Bruce Wayne
  • Zabryna Guevara – Sarah Essen
  • Sean Pertwee – Alfred Pennyworth
  • Robin Lord Taylor – Oswald Cobblepot / The Penguin
  • Erin Richards – Barbara Kean
  • Camren Bicondova – Selina ‘Cat’ Kyle
  • Cory Michael Smith – Edward Nygma / The Riddler
  • Victoria Cartagena – Renee Montoya
  • Andrew Stewart-Jones – Crispus Allen
  • John Doman – Carmine Falcone
  • Jada Pinkett Smith – Fish Mooney
  • Morena Baccarin – Leslie ‘Lee’ Thompkins
  • James Frain – Theo Galavan / Azrael
  • Jessica Lucas – Tabitha Galavan / Tigress
  • Chris Chalk – Lucius Fox
  • Drew Powell – Butch Gilzean / Cyrus Gold / Solomon Grundy
  • Nicholas D’Agosto – Harvey Dent
  • Michael Chiklis – Nathaniel Barnes / The Executioner
  • Maggie Geha – Ivy ‘Pamela’ Pepper
  • Benedict Samuel – Jervis Tetch / Mad Hatter
  • Crystal Reed – Sofia Falcone
  • Alexander Siddig – Ra’s al Ghul

Filming locations

Those who are well acquainted with New York City may recognise several scenes in Gotham, as this is in fact the primary filming location for the show.

According to the DC Comics, Gotham is in New Jersey, and in this world, Gotham is essentially a mixture of New York and Chicago.

To film the series, the crew made use of many locations spanning the boroughs of the city. A number of shots are digitally enhanced to add to the gothic element.


Production for Gotham began to materialise when Heller and his son spoke about concepts. To begin with, Heller stated that he was not comfortable writing about superheroes as portraying people with super powers was out of his knowledge base.

However, the series began to be developed when Heller’s son suggested that his father focused on Commissioner Gordon instead. By focusing on the investigation behind the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents, the storyline could also become a prequel to the main Batman franchise.

When Fox examined the series, the network announced in 2013 that they would not be using the traditional pilot format – instead placing an order for the series, which would feature Heller as the executive producer.

Episodes and reception

There are plenty of episodes of Gotham to get stuck into. The first four seasons have 22 episodes, while the fifth has twelve. Between 2014 and 2017, the initial four seasons aired on an annual basis each September. The shorter final season began airing in January 2019, concluding in April of that year.

Generally positive feedback was attached to the first season of Gotham, with Rotten Tomatoes giving the show an average of 76%. Meanwhile, Metacritic gives the series 71 out of 100. Generally speaking, subsequent series received similarly decent ratings.

In the realm of awards and nominations, this series has been the winner – or nominated for – several. In 2014, the series won the Critics’ Choice Television Award for Most Exciting New Series. They also won the Gracie Award for Outstanding Drama in the same year.


Will there be a Gotham season 6?

Unfortunately, fans of Gotham will have to make do with the first five seasons, as there are currently no plans to film any more. Fortunately, shows like American Gods and Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD offer a similar vibe, so why not try those out?

Where is Gotham the city in real life?

Gotham is a fictional city, but in the world of DC Comics, it is located in the US state of New Jersey.

What does Gotham mean?

Gotham means ‘homestead where goats are kept’ using the Old English words for ‘goat’ and ‘home’.

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