People who watch Fox will most likely know all about Grandfathered. One of the top factors which appeal about this show is the presence of John Stamos. That said, other cast members include big names like Josh Peck and Christina Milian.

There is one season of this show, which aired between September 2015 and May 2016. Similar shows include Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Gotham.


The premise for this show is pretty simple. It focuses on a restaurant owner who lives the life of a bachelor. However, his life is turned upside down when he finds out he has not just a son, but a granddaughter.

James Martin is the main character – a 50 year old bachelor who is obsessed with his work and clueless at being a parent.

Meanwhile, Sara is his ex girlfriend, who had a son called Gerald. In turn, Gerald and Vanessa had a baby daughter together.

Cast and characters

  • John Stamos – James ‘Jimmy’ Martino
  • Paget Brewster – Sara Kingsley
  • Josh Peck – Gerald E Kingsley
  • Christina Milian – Vanessa
  • Ravi Patel – Ravi Gupta
  • Kelly Jenrette – Annelise Wilkinson
  • Layla and Emelia Golfieri – Edie
  • Abby Walker – Cindy
  • AJ Rivera – Victor
  • Andrew Daly – Bruce
  • Regina Hall – Catherine Sanders
  • Michael Trucco – Craig

Filming locations

Most of Grandfathered is filmed in California. For example, Sara’s house is reported to be located in South Pasadena. Furthermore, Echo Park Lake is used for park scenes, and this spot is located in Los Angeles. Studio City is used for many shots, too.


Fox first began airing Grandfathered in 2015. However, the network cancelled the show after one season due to the fact it was only receiving average ratings. That said, it has been reported that the cancellation was a surprise for both cast members and fans of this title. At the time, Josh Peck said on Twitter: ‘Thank you for watching and supporting Grandfathered I’m sorry it’s over but I feel lucky to have been a part of it!’

The finale of Grandfathered has a slight cliffhanger, which meant that fans were hoping it would be returning for another round at some point. However, there have not been any updates in this regard at the time of writing.

Episodes and reception

There are 22 episodes of Grandfathered to watch. The titles and summaries for them are as follows:

  1. Pilot – Jimmy discovers he has a son and granddaughter.
  2. Dad Face – Jimmy has to spend time with his family instead of attending a hot social event.
  3. Guys’ Night – Jimmy and Gerald go on a night out, but it quickly goes wrong.
  4. Deadbeat – Jimmy plans a birthday party for his granddaughter, but family drama ensues.
  5. Edie’s Two Dads – Jimmy must go to an exclusive preschool for an interview when Gerald and Vanessa are waylaid.
  6. My Amal – Jimmy begins dating a woman who is almost his son’s age.
  7. Sexy Guardian Angel – Jimmy takes Gerald to a bar to help him move on from Vanessa.
  8. Gerald’s Two Dads – Jimmy is forced to spend more time at Sara and Gerald’s Thanksgiving event than he planned.
  9. Jimmy & Son – Jimmy decides to hire Gerald as the greeter at his restaurant.
  10. Perfect Physical Specimen – Edie has ear tube surgery coming up, and Jimmy makes a confession.
  11. The Sat Pack – Jimmy joins his old group of friends who would go out on Saturday nights to party.
  12. Baby Model – A talent scout approaches Jimmy as he walks with Edie and suggests his granddaughter try out for a commercial.
  13. Tableside Guacamole – When restaurant patrons go down due to Jimmy’s new commitments, plans are made to reboot the business.
  14. Budget Spa – Jimmy tries to go against Sara’s assessment that he is addicted to female validation by going on a guys’ trip.
  15. The Biter – Sara and Jimmy are summoned to the preschool, where they find out a child bit Edie.
  16. Gerald Fierce – Gerald finds new confidence after selling his first app.
  17. The Boyfriend Experience – Sara lets Jimmy take her to an engagement party for an old friend.
  18. Catherine Sanders – Jimmy meets a powerful female CEO at a book signing but struggles with her dominant nature when they begin dating.
  19. Some Guy I’m Seeing – Jimmy suggests that he and Catherine become exclusive but Catherine refers to him as ‘some guy I’m seeing’.
  20. Jimmy’s 50th, Again – Jimmy tells Catherine his 51st birthday is actually his 50th.
  21. The Memorial – Jimmy focuses heavily on work to deal with a personal loss.
  22. The Cure – Gerald does his best to plan the perfect marriage proposal.

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