Sometimes people will not know about miniseries as they may not have received much attention at the time they first aired. However, one miniseries which many consider to be well worth watching is Heroes Reborn. Comprising thirteen episodes, this title served as an extension of the NBC series Heroes. Those who know or remember previous promos shown in the Super Bowls may remember that the 2015 one featured this show for sixteen seconds. For similar shows, check out Grimm and Fargo.


There is a recognisable theme seen with Heroes Reborn, as it features people who find out that they have extraordinary powers. There is a web series called Dark Matters, which came out beforehand and comprises five episodes. This series served the purpose of introducing the characters and storylines which would feature in Heroes Reborn.

As a general background, this show is set 12 months after a terrorist attack takes place in Odessa, Texas. There are vigilantes who are hunting down and killing the people who have special powers, as the government has blamed them for the incident. As a result, these people have been forced into hiding – and there are two killers in particular who are seeking revenge for the death of their son.

Cast and characters

  • Jack Coleman – Noah Bennet
  • Zachary Levi – Luke Collins
  • Robbie Kay – Tommy Clark/Nathan Bennet
  • Danika Yarosh – Malina Bennet
  • Kiki Sukezane – Miko Otomo/Katana Girl
  • Ryan Guzman – Carlos Gutierrez/El Vengador
  • Rya Kihlstedt – Erica Kravid
  • Gatlin Green – Emily Duval
  • Henry Zebrowski – Quentin Frady
  • Judi Shekoni – Joanne Collins

Filming locations

The primary filming locations for Heroes Reborn are Los Angeles, Canada and California Ontario.

Episodes and reception

The episode summaries for this series are as follows:

1. Brave New World
There is a peace summit taking place so that Evos and humans can unite, but the venue is bombed. People with powers are hunted down as they are believed to be responsible.
2. Odessa
Tommy makes use of his abilities to save himself and his friend from being hunted down by two killers, but it’s a close call.
3. Under the Mask
Malina, located in the far north, makes use of her abilities to suppress an approaching threat. Elsewhere, Molly has been captured so she cannot locate other Evos.
4. The Needs of the Many
Tommy is in a disastrous event with his mother, but he manages to save her before being overcome by his injuries. Elsewhere, we find out more about Malina’s abilities.
5. The Lion’s Den
Tommy is discovered and injected with a tracking device. He learns a devastating secret about his past.
6. Game Over
Tommy manages to run away with his friend to Europe, but he soon discovers that even being that far away will not keep him safe.
7. June 13th Part One
Mohinder Suresh and Angela Petrelli meet to discuss a pending disaster and how the Evos have the ability to prevent it.
8. June 13th Part Two
Hiro and Angela become stuck in Odessa in 1999, while Angela discovers a stunning ability that Nathan has.
9. Sundae, Bloody Sundae
Anne reveals to Tommy a secret about the powers she now possesses. Meanwhile, Noah tells Tommy about Nathan’s past, but Tommy finds it hard to believe.
10. 11:53 to Odessa
Tommy wakes up in Erica’s house and is confused as to why he has a scar on his neck. He is also still not able to use his abilities.
11. Send in the Clones
Matt learns a heartbreaking truth about Erica’s plans. Tommy sends Katana Girl to Sunstone Manor.
12. Company Woman
The news of the solar flare is beginning to spread. Tommy departs after hearing how many people Renautas intends to save.
13. Project Reborn
Tommy is able to use his powers to open a Gateway portal. The real Miko and Otomo are awoken by Ren and Emily.

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